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Reproduction...addition...multiplication...division...subtraction... We spend 18 years of our lives learning how to count the amount of fingers we have. We spend 18 years of our lives trying to figure out what mommy and daddy do while we are sleeping. We spend 18 years of our lives acquiring knowledge which we at some point in time don't even use. They call it basic education. Indeed it is very necessary. But there is one question that has been roaming the abandoned streets of my mind and sanity for the past 2 hours. Why do we spend so many years of our lives trying to be book wise yet we cannot apply the law reproduction effectively? The law of reproduction... You better know it for your own good. I wish our teachers would give us homework related to the law of reproduction. The world would be a much better place if only we applied it effectively. Reproduction doesn't only take place when we bring our wildest sexual fantasies to life. Neither does it only happen when we plant seeds. The law of reproduction...Well! Imagine yourself being that farmer you never wanted to be. Unfortunately, the Western world has been a terrible host. Instead of you to die in the white man's land, you decided go back home. The motherland Africa... A mother who smiles but her eyes shed tears of blood. Sigh! And so you find yourself in Lagos. A place where 100K is nothing and young people drive expensive cars. Meanwhile, you were overseas getting paid to lose your hard earned money to taxes, bills and car insurance. Face it! They are living better than you.The big city life is too much of a hassle for you so you decide to go back to the village. What else can you do to survive ? Farm work. At this point it would have been better for you to " H' end up in Magdonas" but, oh well, farm work it is. You find yourself in that hut you thought you'd never return to anymore... just there thinking, analysing, wishing,hoping and regretting. The only thing left with you is that one sachet of pumpkin seeds which you brought back from the west. Planting time it is. So you begin to plant every pumpkin seed carefully... Plant...plant... As the bible will have it, there is a time to sow and a time to reap. You go back your farmland to find out that your seeds have grown into fat and healthy pumpkins. With a grin, you begin to harvest, price them and calculate your revenue. There's nothing left for you to do than to go to the village square to sell your beautiful pumpkins. Customer One comes along, looks at your vegetables and ask you what they are and what they represent.

 "Ah Madam. This na wetin dem dey call pumpkin oooo! Straight from Obodo Oyinbo!" 

The customer stares at the vegetables and says: 

" Ehen?! Ehhh wait o. No be this kind ehhhhhh ( wetin dem dey call this thin again ? Ehen! ) vegetable wey all this oyinbo winsh dem dey take do meeting for night?" 

Before you even get to defend your vegetables customer One has already left on that "Abeg, I'm not interested" side note. And so it was that customer two,three, four to infinity passed you by without buying one single pumpkin. Obviously you're angry. In your fury you decide to bury each pumpkin from where you respectively uprooted them believing God that by the time you come back they must have changed to cassava. Lo and behold, the sun rose for you to return to your farmland only for you to find out that the pumpkins you buried are still pumpkins! Ehhh well, I guess you can eat them now! 

What is the moral of my story? What you sow is what you reap. Many of us know this but we fail to realise it. This is where the law of reproduction, as I would like to call it, comes in. The law of reproduction is as follows: what you put(plant) inside me is what I will give back (reproduce) to you. In every relationship, there are always two types of people: the dominant and recessive person. The dominant person is the most influential and consequently will influence the recessive person in either a good or bad way. See every person you come in contact with as a farmland that needs to be worked on or, if you are dirty minded, an egg cell that needs to be fertilised by a sperm. That child you claim is disobedient and talks back at you, what did you show him/her while he/she was growing up? Didn't you nag your partner in their presence, made them feel as if they weren't good enough? Lied to them, deceived them? And you act surprised when they exhibit the same behaviour towards you? What about that wife that now drinks and sleeps around? She wasn't like this before, you say. Were you there for her when she needed you? Didn't you belittle her, trample on her confidence, spend nights outside the home? And you act surprised when she exhibits the same behaviour towards you? What about that person you are owing money? Didn't you lie, avoid them? Whenever they asked you for their money back didn't you wickedly give them 1 million reasons as to why you're not going to pay them? And you act surprised when they curse you with every inch of hurt that is within them? And we ask God to remove or change these people in our lives.I thank God for being so merciful. He is indeed the Reverser of The Irreversible. Chale, this life is a pot of stinking watery beans. 

The good seed you plant in people will always come back to you and so will the bad. Even when someone repays your good with evil. That is because someone else out there planted a bad seed in them and so on and so forth...The list is long. Do you see why I said the world would be a better place if only we applied the law of reproduction effectively? So...Start planting the right seeds and do away with the bad. 

Oh my! I really do my best thinking when I'm sitting outside or void of clothes. 

Now with that being said...

Love always, 

- The Alpha Female 

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  1. What a sensible and creative writing. Keep it up and surely the sky is your limit.

  2. How true....
    Our conscious and sub-conscious acts and actions to other people are seeds been sown and like the certainty of day and night, what we sow (even unconsciously) we will certainly reap.


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