Thursday Night Thoughts: Falling In love With A Man Who Is In Lust With You

 Falling In Love With A Man Who Is In Lust With You 

I personally don't believe in love at first sight. The whole process of falling in love with someone is long and daunting.  Contrary to what a lot of people think, it takes a whole lot for a woman to fall in love with a man depending on what she wants for herself and how she is built emotionally. The main issue at hand is that infatuation is being mistaken for true love. That's why you can see a man profess is undying "love" for you barely weeks/days after you guys have started dating. This is not necessarily because he wants to get in between your legs. Sometimes men don't know what they want for themselves. They are... Little boys in grown men bodies as I would like to say. There is nothing more excruciating than the pain you feel when you're in love with someone who is in love with someone else, someone who doesn't regard you and someone who is simply lusting after you. Experience has thought me a few things. One of them being that you shouldn't conform to the idealistic standards of the masses if it is something you're not familiar with. There comes a time in a woman's life when she just wants to be heard, paid attention to and sex doesn't have to be a part of it. Men don't think like we do. Some men need sex before the relationship you two have can be validated. It's quite unfortunate. If I could meet God right now I would ask him why he didn't give us the ability to read people's mind. Oh well! That's what signs are for. If you constantly find your every conversation with him boiling down to sex while deep down you're thinking about how amazing he is. How a relationship with him would be like, this and that... But the truth remains that you're losing yourself to the wrong man. On the long run, you begin to lose your self worth. You begin to care so much about him that you forget to care for yourself. After a while your love for him moves from being real to being an uncontrollable hunger for his third leg. You see? You just lost yourself to him. Men  are not worth the stress, take it from me. Only one man is... And that man is the one who takes you to the altar. Can you hold a conversation with him where you two bare it all out without judging or fearing each other? Can you confide in him when you're at your lowest? Can you tell him everything and him correcting you doesn't make you feel less of a person? Don't get me wrong. He can be attracted to you physically but sex really shouldn't be the essence of what you two share.  If you take the sex away, what else is left for you two to share?

Before you fall in love with that man... Ask him what he truly feels for you. If he can't give you a straight forward answer, forget him and move on. If you find yourself doubting what he tells you and your instincts are going San Goku on you...Then maybe...Just maybe... He isn't the one.

- The Alpha Female 

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