Late Night Thoughts: An Unusual Prayer

Dear Future Husband,

Another night, another set of thoughts.  To be quite  frank with you, I think I've lost my passion for writing. Before it seemed like a way of escaping reality but now it seems like a chore. A chore I  really don't like doing. I've gone two weeks without actually penning anything down simply because I have been unable to find inspiration. And that's just weird seeing that I find my inspiration everywhere and anywhere. I don't even look for inspiration, it's always somewhere wandering the streets of my mind until I decide to lay hold of it. I have been praying more and worrying less actually. I hope this letter finds you in good health and happiness. I pray more now and worry less… I think that's where my lack of inspiration came from. I find inspiration in over thinking. Over thinking has brought me so much recognition and appreciation amongst people but it hugs me with cold hands at night.  As every other night, I think my thoughts have caught up with me once again. As much as I would want to complain to you, I actually just want to pray for you wherever you are. I do it every night but I think tonight's prayer will be an unusual one. But before I start my prayer… I wanted to let you know how God has been good to me in the past couple of days. So many things have been happening, my dreams are slowly coming through. God recently opened a way for me to go to medical school.  I'm still in shock. Can you believe I'm actually going to be a doctor with my own stethoscope?  Probably when we lay next to each other, I'd tell you about all the sacrifices I had to make to get to this point. I really poured out my heart to God for years about how I wanted to achieve nothing but the very best in life. I actually thought He wasn't listening to me. I just wanted to leave the country and be in a place where I can grow and excel. Although it isn't the country I wanted to go to, I'm glad I'm finally leaving this place. I laugh. I might just meet you in this new place. I actually thought I had met you but I guess I was wrong…once again. I really don't know what to think. If there is anything I've learnt from Joel Osteen's preachings recently is this: Love is a decision, not a feeling. No two people are ever compatible. We as a couple have to learn to become one…That means we have to make sacrifices, compromise. I just figured out I'm always the one compromising and making sacrifices. You know what? I'd love to have it the other way round for once… Have someone do the sacrifice for me. I'm trying very hard not to be bitter so as to keep my softness despite the fact that it's causing me more harm than good. I believe deep down that it will pay off someday… with you, I hope. Let's thank God for this miracle, my love. Very soon, I'd be taking care of you in every sense of the word. Get your mind out of the gutter… for now. Let's pray….

Heavenly Father, I thank you.  I give you all the glory and adoration for who you are and what you've done in my life. That I'm alive today is not by power nor is it by might, but it is by your grace and Spirit. As I thank you for my life, I want to thank you for the life of my future husband. That he  is somewhere parading the streets of this planet is not by coincidence but it is by Your Will. And this day I pray that our paths will cross in your appointed time. I rebuke every form of delay and Ishmael that may cause me to miss him, in Jesus Name.  Father continue to orchestrate our destinies according to your perfect plan. In the mean time… Lord, I pray that you give him wisdom in all that he does. Give him wisdom to make the right decisions in life. Give him wisdom in his business and work. Give him that same wisdom that you gave to Solomon which made him the most appreciated king in the kingdom of Israel.  Give him the wisdom that aligns with your word. Give him wisdom which he will use to rule over me and our household. Lord, I pray that you give him strength. Give him strength to defeat the enemies of his progress. Give him strength to resist every Jezebel that will cause him to carry unnecessary baggage into our relationship and home. Father, destabilize  every woman in his life that will make him have trust issues against me. Give him strength to excel in all that he does. Lord, favor him in all his doings. Oversee his every step and crown his efforts, dear Lord. As it is written, let your goodness and mercy follow him for the rest of his life and let him abide in your will. Bless him with an overflow of revival, prosperity, good health, virtues. Be around him as a wall of fire. This day, I come against every spirit of nonchalance. Teach him how to love the same way you do. Father, draw him closer to you in every way possible for you are the Tactical Genius of All geniuses. Give him peace. Send your angels to guide his footsteps lest he dash his foot against a stone. Lord, help me to be a good woman to him according to Proverbs 31. Give me the grace I need to be a help meet to him. Give me the strength to not over think anything that concerns him. Open my heart to trust him in all things. Give me the strength to make my home and not pull it down. Bless both of us Lord and meet us as the point of our individual need. Lord, take absolute control over our lives and let no harm or evil befall us. For this and much more I pray. For in Jesus' Mighty name I have prayed. Amen

My king, I want you to know that I'm always praying for you and I do hope you're the type that prays as well. I need your blessing before I leave the house. I need your encouragement and support in order to be the best that I can be for you. Every other man can tell me that I'm beautiful but if it doesn't  come from you, then it has no meaning whatsoever. I keep falling for the wrong ones but I tell myself that I'm one frog away from meeting you.

Know that I love and honor  you already.

Do have a good night rest, my imperfect prince.

With love,

Your future wife,

- The Alpha Female 


  1. Wow! i resumed my dear future wife 'live tweets' yesterday and it never occurred to me i will stumble on something this awesome. Are you the one? i really can't wait to go on one knee.. i can't wait to add value to your life and make GOD proud of us.! with you dear future wife, there's no limitation when GOD is involve in everything we do together.. Words fails me, talk is cheap. i would rather wanna do this (((((((ACTION)))) and less of 'words' the bible says FAITH without works is dead.. in other words, the bible says 'ACTION'. i will always ACT what i preach to you. Dear future wife, i want to believe you know the importance of a Praying couple? When there are difficulties, no 3rd party should know what's going on. the only great one is GOD who is ready to answer our prayers if we don't doubt.

    I will honour, love, respect, protect and cherish you...I will live devoted to God first, so I may best stay devoted to you. dear future wife, i just wanna be the best father to our kids, the best husband to you. oh! btw, how many kids do you want? *smiles* i know.

    It's not a must you be enterprising tho...but with me, you will be inspired to be. I WILL SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY. I trust in God’s will and timing, though I long to meet you so much. but this shall suffice. I just want to love you with the love of God. I want my heart to be so lost in His love that when our hearts meet they are one in HIM. i don't want your perfection, i want to love your imperfection. i know about the hurdles in relationships but only a weak faith staggers. i will never stagger, i will keep to the promise i made to love you. your happiness is my happiness, your joy is my joy, your success is my delight. where ever you are dear future wife, just know that someone perfect in GOD is ready to love you till fade....i can't wait to support you and everything that concerns you. only by GOD's grace who make things fly.

    The Future One,
    The Goal Digger!


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