TNT: I'm Jealous...My Man's Best Friend Is A Bloody Female

Today is another Thursday... And it calls for another TNT (Thursday Night Thoughts) episode. Have you ever had that moment when you're wondering what to say to keep the conversation between you and your crush/boyfriend going? You sit there thinking to yourself that it's a lot  easier for him to joke around with his female best friend but when it comes to you it's a problem. What does she have that you don't? It's either you can't play with him  because he thinks you're acting weird or you two play too much that you don't believe he is taking you seriously. You can't find that balance in your relationship. As expected, you begin to feel some type of way and it slowly leads to jealousy.  The thing about jealousy is that you won't know the day you'll spill how you truly feel about his friendship with his female best friend. Should he know that you don't like the fact the he is closer to her than he is to you? No. You shouldn't voice out your feelings to him about it because it will make you look bad and controlling. First, it is important to identify the type of best friend she is. There are two types of best friends: the good and the corny one. The corny one is the one that has caught feelings for him while the good one is the one that is just chilling in her corner waiting for you to make the first move. Is it okay for you to be jealous about his friendship with her? Yes, it is.  If you want to master this type of situation you'd have to be tactful and patient.  I know it can hurt sometimes... Especially when you need his attention and simply don't know how to make it clear to him without saying it literally. Be patient for starters, she was there before you whether you like it or not. It will take you time to know him in and out just like it took her time to become his bestie. Secondly, be tactful. Make the woman your friend  but never discuss intimate matters with her. Hang out with her and get to know her better that  way, she will become less of a "threat" to you and you'd finally let your guard down... just a little.

Communication is of vital importance to me. When the conversation begins to drag then I know there is a problem. At this point, the best thing you should do, is talk to your man about it. Tell him  what you want out of him:  a good conversation.  This is something I feel should come naturally but then nowadays, people don't talk to each other anymore. If it's not sex then it's not a conversation. It's quite pathetic. Sometimes a man's nonchalance doesn't mean he thinks less of you. Sometimes it takes patience and nurture to bring out the good in these men. Don't always be the good girl, sometimes tell him what you want confidently. From experience, I can tell you that it is hard to do so especially when you don't want to seem desperate. But like I always say: life is a game of balance. Know when to be the good girl, demanding, serious, angry, etc...

Remember that she isn't the problem. She's just like every outsider out there: unimportant to your relationship with your man.

Now with that being said,

Love always,

- The Alpha Female 

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