My Findings On the Ebola Virus: A list of Truths, Prevention and Warnings #Ebola

Disclaimer: For the past one week I have been doing some serious research on the Ebola virus and its outbreak. Just a few minutes ago,  I tweeted my findings and a good friend advised me to post my tweets on my blog.  Do read and share it with anyone you possibly can. Ebola isn't a thing to joke about. It's an epidemic that can be contained if we create awareness. Find my tweets on the disease below. 

Hi guys.

As I stated earlier on, I have been doing some research on the Ebola virus and it's recent outbreak. I've come to understand a few interesting facts about the disease and I decided to share them with you all. Hopefully this helps all of us to contain the outbreak and live an ebola free life. Kindly read and RT my next set of tweets. 

1. Contrary to popular belief, Ebola isn't a disease that just appeared out of nowhere. It was first discovered in 1976 #Ebola 

2. As the name will have it Ebola is a virus and not a bacteria. Bacteria respond to antibiotics while viruses don't #Ebola 

3. Therefore Ebola is incurable. And it has a 50 to 90 % fatality rate. #Ebola 

4. Although it hasn't been confirmed, 10% of people who "recovered" from Ebola, did so at a quick rate #Ebola 

4a. Although such recovery can be quick and complete, Affected people get to deal with longterm health issues #Ebola
4b. A prolonged ebola case can lead to the occurrence inflammation of the testicles, skin peeling and even blindness #Ebola 

5. Ebola is a virus that causes hemorrhagic fever. This simply means that it damages your immune system and exposes you to more danger #Ebola 

6. It can take between 2 days to 3 weeks before visible symptoms of the virus manifests #Ebola 

7. The first symptoms are usually flu-like. So you will have to take that slight fever, cough, running nose etc... seriously #Ebola 

8. More symptoms you will find in this picture. #Ebola 

9. The disease can be contacted through direct contact with body fluids (incl. sweat) and blood of infected people and animals #Ebola 

10. So you will have to limit your handshaking, kissing, oral sex, pecks, blood covenant etc. This is not the season at all #Ebola 

11. I also found out that Ebola can be transmitted through sexual intercourse as well #Ebola 

12. The virus is capable of living in the semen of an infected man for up to 50 days, if not more #Ebola 

13. So ladies, think before you swallow / open your legs #Ebola 

14. You can also get the virus by eating infected animal meat. #Ebola 

15. This is the season where you should avoid eating bush meat. Reports have it that bush meat consists of bats #Ebola

16. Bats, monkeys, pigs and even dogs are carriers of the disease. Let us hope all other form of animals are safe to eat #Ebola 

17. The disease can also be transmitted through use of infected needles in clinical facilities #Ebola 

18. Local african hospitals are strongly advised to sterilise ALL their equipments. #Ebola

19. The developed vaccine against the virus works for infected animals but it is yet to be proven that it works for humans #Ebola

20. If I read correctly, immunisation with the vaccine takes about 6 months #Ebola
21. The two infected Americans were treated with Zmapp. This Zmapp isn't a vaccine nor a serum #Ebola 

22. Zmapp is an experimental treatment. And hopefully it will be declared a valid cure for Ebola soon enough #Ebola

23. If you develop any Ebola like symptoms please avoid contact with anyone and call medical help immediately #Ebola 

24. Ebola is an epidemic that can be contained, if we refuse to be ignorant #Ebola

25. Mind what you eat, wash your hands thoroughly and very often. Use disinfectants #Ebola

26. Go for preventive medical check up once you return from any Ebola affected country #Ebola 

27. No matter what you do, do not panic. Panic will result in false information. #Ebola 

28. Let's do our best to contact loved ones home and abroad. Create awareness about this virus #Ebola 

29. Even people in remote villages deserve to be aware of this human threat. #Ebola 

God bless you as you RT my previous tweets to help others out there. #Ebola

- The Alpha Female 

Twitter/IG: @Ms_Sharinbaybeh 


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