Where I tap Inspiration From

I've been getting e-mails and questions as to how I come up with the stories I write, what inspires me to write the way I do and if I'm still working on "The Eligible Bachelor". My answer to this is very complex. It all just comes down to what I see and how I view life. Yes most of the stories I write are from real life experiences that have happened to me, while another set of stories I've written are things that happened to other people who asked me to write their story. 

Speaking of which I have a whole lot of stories to write. Writing is therapy for me. Some offload stress by talking about it while others fight their way through it . I don't do both. I don't like talking, I'd rather write my heart out because it seems like the best way to get my point across and drop the stress. I could easily write and keep my material in my closet but I don't find relief in that. I'm only relieved when I click on "publish". Like I said...it's therapy. And this therapy is my last resort in times of conflict. 

I don't look for inspiration, inspiration finds me. I've always been a loner from childhood. So I grew up building the walls of my imagination firmly. You can call it overthinking but I like to call it imagination. I don't see things the way others do, and that's what makes me, me. With time I started connecting knots better. I don't see the need in asking questions very often so I let people tell me things themselves. Etc... Inspiration wanders through my mind in different forms. It's just waiting for me to pick it. It's a process that my body can't take sometimes. That's why sometimes I don't write even if the concept and storyline is in my head. . 

Do I write other stuff? Yes. I write songs as well but then those are raw materials so I don't let any other eye see them. 

As for the Eligible Bachelor, I'm currently working on it. I really want it to be best it can be. And it should come out as an e-book before the year ends...hopefully. 


- The Alpha Female 



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