White Lion

I had never thought of travelling the world till Sam bought our tickets and planted them before my face as I was signing my last deal for the season. I looked at him and I didn't know how to voice out my irritation to him so I just leaned back on my stool and crossed my legs on my desk. I'm not as adventurous as he is. I simply didn't know why he would pay for such an expensive trip considering the fact that we weren't even dating. He was in his relationship, while I was too busy trying to get my priorities right. And love was the last on a long list of those. I mean... Not to shut out the idea of love... But it seemed as if love didn't love me at all. Sam started his usual sermon on how I needed to put myself out there and not be so stuck up. The only thing I could think of was that he was the one who needed some discipline. I mean how would his girlfriend feel about him travelling the world with his female best friend. He told me that she didn't mind at all and wasn't as if I posed a threat to her. I kept quiet. He then reached out for my phone and called Timothy, my butler, to pack my things and I was going to leave the country that same night. This is a trip I could have paid for myself and done in my own time but then... He just had to drag me in his crazy adventures. I asked him how he got my information forgetting that he was more than family to me. He knew me in and out. As expected he gave me the silent treatment till we got to the airport. I remember being very irritated on our way there. If there was anything you could do to me that would annoy me that would be giving me the silent treatment. I had no idea where we were travelling to at first till we found our gate. Our first and last stop was South Africa. I say our last...because I saw a side of Sam I had never seen before.

We sat together in the plane and we were ready for take off. As soon as the pilot announced that we were in the air, Sam asked me a very inappropriate question.

"Amaka...when was the last time you had sex?"

"I thought we both agreed to not talk about our sex lives? This friendship has been platonic for the past 12 years. So where is this question coming from?"

"I was just curious. Do you remember back in high school ? When Dafe was still trying to get you and you vowed never to lose your virginity to any man other than your husband ? Those were the days hahaha" 

"It's not funny, Sam. Well...to answer your question. I'm still a virgin."

"At 29?! Why ?"

"Not like I haven't had any near sex experience. But each time it was about to happen with a guy I thought was the one...something just happens. It's like the guy shows his bad side when I don't give it up early enough and then there was J.J who...it seems like God just keeps saving me from making the biggest mistake of my life. And you know I'm vulnerable. So…"

"So how do you release yourself? So you don't do anything at all? 


" No wonder you're stuck up sometimes. Always busy with work. As if you don't have a social life…"

" Did you bring me on this trip to taunt me? Like seriously? Well, excuse me. I know you have a perfect love life and as matter of fact, you never have a thing to worry about. Constantly switching women like clothes. Leave me alone, jeez."

I put on my headphones and watched a movie. I even increased the volume so I wouldn't hear his voice. I and Sam quarrelled very often. But then we always made up as if nothing ever happened. I loved him for that. It's not always possible to make up with someone you fall out with. Time flew by and we didn't say a word to each other until we landed in Johannesburg. It was about 11pm. Sam helped me with my baggage and told me he had arranged a hotel for us to stay in. I was wondering if he got us separate suites because I needed my privacy to write and think. I later on found out he did. He carried my baggage to my room and told me he would come see once he had found his own room. I told him that was okay and I expected us to just chill and watch a movie together as we always did. We are both Nollywood enthusiasts. As he left, I freshened up and waited for him to come through but he didn't. One hour... Two hours, three hours... He didn't come. So I called his number 3 times and he didn't pick. I texted him and I got no reply. I was a tad bit upset. The least I expected him to do was to at least message me that he was about to sleep and he wouldn't be able to come. I then fell asleep as well. The following day, I was awakened by the knocks of the room service guy. I hadn't ordered anything but he said the breakfast was courtesy of Sam K. I was a bit confused because it was very unlike Sam to not send me a good morning tease text. Before I could ask any questions the guy just left the room. I hadn't taken my time to view the suite I was in. It was so beautiful. I wondered were Sam had gotten the money to pay for such an expensive hotel. I didn't touch the food. I decided to take a shower and later on dial his number again. As I was taking a shower, I suddenly heard someone walk into my suite. I was scared so I tied my towel and hurried to see who it was. And there he was looking vibrant and full of energy. He looked so good. I had never seen Sam looking this handsome. I mean I knew he was dark skin...but I never knew he was this handsome.

"I got your missed call. I couldn't reply you...network problems"

"You could have at least come here and tell me you were about to go to bed. I was worried about you, Sam"

Sam walked to the windows and closed the curtains. Turn the lights down low...lit a few candles.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing....just making you feel...what's the word? Yes. Comfortable" 

"Why? You're scaring me, Sam. I need to wear my clothes. You can't see me like this"

I was about to walk back to the bathroom when Sam grabbed me from behind, turned me around and kissed me. I tried to push him away from me but then I couldn't resist him. It became clear to me that he was my weakness. And I couldn't be any other man except him simply because the bond we had was so strong. He didn't say a word. Our tongues met. It was our moment. He took off my towel...bit his lip and caressed my breast. I thought to myself that they weren't as big as those of women he would usually go for. He suddenly stopped and asked me to sit down. I reached for my towel embarrassed but he stopped me and insisted I sit down. I sat down and asked him what was the matter. He sighed and said:

"I'm not what you think I am."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I see through you. I see you love me ... A lot. But I can't be with you"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"You're human. One with a big heart...but I…hmmm"

"You're what?"

" A lion." 


" You won't understand. Unless I show you"

"Did you smoke weed? Show me what? "

He laughed and got up from the bed. Sam walked around the room 3 times. He was just walking to and fro like a man on a mission. After the third time, he stopped and looked at me. His eyes penetrated my thoughts. Suddenly he turned into a white lion right before my eyes. And he roared. I screamed and ran to the door. But the door was locked and no one came to help me. It moved towards me slowly and lay on the ground. I was perplexed.

" I don't like fear. Calm yourself before I swallow you."

"blood of Je…"

"Be still !" 

I watched as his tale moved from left to right and his blue eyes screamed authority.

"I'm not human like you. Neither am I an animal. I'm a spirit. What you see is my spirit form"

"What do you want from me ?!"

"Your soul. I want....your soul, Amaka"
"Why?! How ?! For what?! "

" Why? Because I take fancy to people with great stars. How? I took you by your weakness. That little vacuum that needs *love*For what? I want to make you my wife. But that's only possible once you're dead. Any more questions before I proceed?" 

" Dead?! No! I shall not die but live and declare…"

"Shut up. You're in my territory. What are you declaring? After I defiled the temple of the Holy Spirit? Humans."

"You never touched me! "

" Nnhnn. I did. Remember the moment we got the hotel and you were too tired to carry your bags? What do you think took place in the room?" 

" I can't remember....I can't remember...I can't remember!"

I slapped my head and shook it in order to wake up but I couldn't. It was a nightmare. It just had to be. Sam got up and jumped on me. I knew my end had come. I saw my flesh being taken from me with each passing bite. I was screaming in pain and hot tears…

"Amaka? Amaka! Baby, wake up!" 


"Are you okay? You were sweating profusely in your sleep. What's wrong?"

I realised I had been dreaming. But that dream was too real to not be true. My arms and legs were in pain. I didn't take notice of Sam laying naked next to him. I then remembered that we did watch a movie and did have a few glasses of wine. I couldn't think of the rest that could have happened. I didn't answer him. I got up and went to the bath room to wash my face.

As I lifted up my head, my body was visibly wounded as if something had been chewing on my flesh. I was scared. I suddenly saw the white lion in the mirror. It roared and disappeared.

"Amaka. Come see this! There are transporting some lions to the zoo. That white one is a very rare breed. Get me the camera so I can take a picture"

I rushed to the window where Sam was standing in his towel.

I saw the lion and it looked exactly like one I had seen in the mirror.



"What about Jennifer?  What about your fiancee?"

"She left me…" 

- The Alpha Female 


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