You're Not Worthy To Be The Father Of My Child

Dear future husband, 

I've been thinking...I've been thinking... I've been thinking of how to define the current state of my generation. We've made love become a materialistic thing. We've made love a thing of condition. We've made love a thing of reproach. It's now, you do me... I do you. It's now, let me do this behind Jane's back as long as she doesn't know, it won't hurt her. We've set out so many rules and conditions which we believe will shield us from heartbreak and betrayal. But still, the divorce rate of our time is the highest in human history. I'm more concerned with the decreasing number of honourable men in our time. You would think that at a certain age, a man will buckle up and plan his life to the benefit of his future family. But no, fun takes over responsibility. Truly age is just a number and it doesn't account for maturity unfortunately. My love, I'm just upset to say the least. 

I come across too many men who believe having a stable job equals being a man. More so, I blame us women for making them believe that putting money on the table is the only thing that matters. You drive a nice car but you're not a man yet. You have a good job but you're still not a man. You pay your bills but you're still not a man. I'm not saying these aren't important but I want you to look at the bigger picture which I always like to paint. A little boy can hunt for fun and bring meat home but does that mean that he can put the house in order? No. He'd rather play around. That's what I see too often...boys. At what point in time do you drop the games you play and face me, your wife? At what point in life do you implement honourable character traits which our children will take up from you? At what point do you decide to leave the baby boy lifestyle and work on your character? For so long I've fought to be the best woman I can be. I'm not doing this because I want to please you but I'm doing this for my unborn children. I want to leave them with a legacy they will not easily forget. I want to raise children that will move mountains and can account for their actions. I want to raise children that are responsible. I want to raise children that will know how to love and be vigilant. I want to raise children that will be faithful and be sincere. Children that when outsiders see them, they will praise God in heaven for their lives. Children that are intelligent and well mannered. Children that will sit you, a grown up adult down, and spit wisdom even better than King Solomon. Children that will love God and follow his every word. Children that will bring joy to my heart...our hearts. It takes two to raise a child properly. These are the children I want to raise. But how can I raise them that way when you know nothing about these things called faithfulness, sincerity, honour and love? How do you look at my child and tell him not to lie when you yourself are the epitome of a pathological liar? How do you tell my child to be decent when you yourself are possessed with the spirit of whoredom? How, my king? Just how? I want you to know that children learn by example and not by mere talks. That I act the way I do and write the way I do is because I grew looking at my father. My mother was there, but my father is my role model. A man of honour he is even though we don't always agree. A man who lives by the rules he set out for his children...that's who my father is. What type of father can you be to my children?
Fertilising my eggs is nothing compared to actually being the father of my children. Anyone can be a daddy, only few can be fathers. I don't want to be with a man I cannot vouch for. A man that doesn't know the importance of self control. A man who hides behind the shadow of fake honesty. A man who doesn't know the true rules of honour. Shall I call him a boy? Like I said... Age is just a number. If this is you, my future husband, then you're not worthy to be the father of my children. 

I don't see why I should try my best for you when you are not even trying to be the best you can be. I'm a very tolerant person. And my good heart causes me more pain that good. But there is only so much I will take from you, my love. Only so much...

I will continue to pray that God will guide your every foot step and lead you in the path of success and virtue. God knows how much I love you already because every heartbreak increases my appreciation for you. I know you're somewhere out there...I just haven't met you yet. I thought I did...but I haven't. 
God bless your good heart...

I can't wait to be yours and yours alone. 

Know that I love you


Your future wife. 

- The Alpha Female 


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