My Story Will Encourage You

I remember the days when pastors and family would tell us to behave ourselves well  and do good so that we could make it to heaven. I remember those days like it was yesterday. I remember those endless preachings about heaven and hell. Nevertheless I loved God and, as a matter of fact, I still do. But as time went by and I grew older, I started drifting away from my “godly” ways. I should and will blame this on the unnecessary pressure society puts on you. I was so confused. My bible says fornication is a sin but society tells me I must test drive the vehicle before buying it.  My bible says pray for your enemies but society tells me to reward evil for evil based on my emotions. The moment I left God’s ways,  I started  experiencing things that were beyond my common understanding . I would ask myself why and how I got myself entangled in a net of deadly snakes. Sometimes it seemed as if I was trying so hard to retrace my steps that I would end up going even further than were I had been.  I couldn’t even recall how I met some people. All I knew at that time was that I was carrying a lot of pain and I couldn’t mask that fact. I wore my emotions on my face, even when my lips were mute so smiling wasn’t my most favorite thing to do.  Like the psalmist, I had hidden the word of God in my heart so much that even in my worst behavior you could still find that fear of God in me. Sometimes…  Just sometimes I stay off social media for a few days and many messages will roll in: “Hey Babe, you’ve been MIA. Are you okay?”  With age, I began to realize that I didn’t have to prove my happy state of mind to anyone. I could only be truly happy for me. This post is one of those ones I write in the moment. More so, I don’t even know what I am going to title this post.  I sure can say that I’ve been through a whirlwind of heartache in every sense of the word. I’m even surprised that I am still standing unbroken and untouched. Most times you ‘ll realize that you have absolutely no one to encourage you when you need it the most. You have no one to fall back on. You are constantly faced with a huge wall standing between you and your next breakthrough. I’m sharing this present experience with you because I want to encourage you and I want you to encourage yourself. No matter how unfortunate your situation is, do not be fooled by fake smile and the crocodile’s definition of “pleasure”. It’s all vanity… pure vanity.

If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram or Facebook, you’d know that I’m currently studying medicine in the Netherlands. And I didn’t get here by human doing, it was really just God who made a  way in the midst of impossibility. I was done with college in June 2013 and by then I had gotten admission to study in North America with a  65% scholarship. This happened shortly after I didn’t make the cut to study in Harvard. For a small girl, I did have big dreams.  That was a blow to my face because even before I started my application process, I was discouraged by family and teachers. I had so many doubts at the time but I worked hard and spent so much money from my own pocket to make things work. When that admission didn’t  work out, I was devastated. I was actually just tired of Belgium and I wanted to be in a place where I could explore my talents to the fullest. I ended up broke but that was the least of my problems.  The most heartbreaking  part was when I found out a relative of mine had placed a call to the school so that  they could terminate my application. The whole situation was a serious battle. My display pictures went black and the main question I had was why do these people want to hinder my progress? Shortly after, I returned to college and my two Rwandan friends told me to try elsewhere ( by then a close friend of mine had advised me to try Canada). I was just frank with them and I told them I couldn’t because I wasn’t working at the time due to my exams. That same day, these girls gave me the money to pay for my application to the school in Canada and told me I shouldn’t even bother paying back. I cried that day because nobody will do what these girls did for me. I couldn’t believe it. The next day I sent in my application and needed documents. After 4 months, July 2013, I got my admission into the honors program of my major and as well as a 65% scholarships. I thought that was my breakthrough, so I worked, got my passport ready etc...  I was ready to leave when I suddenly noticed how the atmosphere in the house changed. There were always fights, no peace of mind. I was working as a hostess at the time and my journey to work was  2 hours to and fro. I was every sense of the word drained. I would think and think… heck, I even went to work crying and I would just be telling God he should ensure I leave for school. I was scared, down and at the verge of depression.   Man…  School was meant to start September 5th 2013, and I was still in my bed on that day crying. I was very angry, I didn’t eat for like a week. Going to school had always been a part of my dream.  And seeing my mates off and I here, gave me… excruciating pain. I called my dad and asked him if he knew the meaning of “Honors Program”. I couldn’t wrap my head around why I was being hindered from every angle. The admission letter is still in my wardrobe till today.

October 2013. I applied to the medical entrance lottery here in the Netherlands. My chances of being picked were quite small. So I forgot about it. Then that same month I got an anonymous call from the UK saying they had found my credentials because of a certain test I took and my score was high. To cut a long story short, It was one of the best schools in the entire world giving me the opportunity to study  in  California. I got the admission in March 2014, shortly after my birthday, and quite a scholarship came with it. I was mind blown. If they told me that I could have gotten into this school 5 years ago I would have said it was a lie. But during this entire process I was home and quite unhappy to say the least.  In December 2013( hehe! heavens!) I dated a certain guy who,  after I thought everything was cool , decided to cause a public scene and totally disgraced me. The only thing I can remember from that incident was that he mocked and called me miserable for being stuck at home. That night, I picked up my bible like a mad woman and said; God, are you really going to let this simpleton laugh at me like this? God really was just chilling on my  matter.  January came and I said to myself “This is my Year of Destiny” and I went into the  New Year prayerfully. Exactly 4 weeks later, I finally travelled to America. I had never been on a plane in my entire life. I was excited, nervous. Truly God made a way. I finally saw the America I wanted to see. For my mind I was like “ America wey don show me shege” . So I decided to apply there too before leaving back home and this is what happened.  I applied and left  it there. I decided to things differently. The moment I landed in Belgium, I told myself I was going to let God choose which school would favor me the most.  I had a whole lot of unanswered questions for a particular person but I told myself I would be better off listening  to what God had to say. I had always been protected by my parents but I wanted  to leave and be independent. And if I was going to leave, I had to be within the comfort of God’s protection. I knew myself and I didn’t want to fall prey to any man’s antics.  By June 30th I was being called by both schools wondering if I would accept the offer. Something wasn’t complete at all. I started regressing back to my frustrated state of mind and it was world cup season. 

On the night of July 18th 2014, I was in my room doing my midnight prayers after which I slept off at 4:30am. Something literally prompted me to wake up at 9. I checked my phone to see the time. Then  I saw the e-mail stating I had been picked to study medicine in The Netherlands. I remember saying: Holy Ghost, I don’t like this joke o. By faith I go and take my dictionary to define the word “picked” and ‘’congratulations” ( You know how this Dutch language can be tricky) and by faith my eyes shall be open.”  Yo…. I called the school twice to make sure they weren’t referring to someone else who shared the same surname as I did. It was confirmed. I screamed my longs out and thanked God on my knees. I couldn’t believe it . Exactly 3 weeks later I got a call with some news which reinforced my decision to not travel to the States to study. I thought my admission marked my breakthrough o. The devil said it was lie. To cut a long story of 5 weeks short, I didn’t leave that country without a series of tears and battles. But unlike the rest, just like the days of Old, God fought for me and I held my peace.  God even went ahead to raise helpers, people who supported me out of nowhere.  And they did what nobody would do for his neighbor. Even a boyfriend who you’re in a serious relationship and having sex with, wouldn’t do what these people did for me. I continue to pray for more blessings to follow them.

The funniest part of it all is that I landed in a city where I have family I hadn’t seen in years. It was just a matter of coincidence because I completely forgot they lived here. More so, I have an amazing class and group of friends and I haven’t gone a day without laughing even when things aren’t smooth.

I’ve shared my story to encourage you to never give up on your dreams.  Me? My journey has just begun. God’s ways are always better than our ways. It can be hard to accept but it is true.  Sometimes you think God isn’t listening but He is. And I tell you, sometimes he won’t give you what or who you want to protect you for your own good. It’s okay to be down and frustrated but always remember that there is hope and when you have God, you have everything you need to  succeed.

I would like to thank my best friend  Kenny, my lovely fellow writer and sister Nonye, Nadine, Rosine,  Rita, Sola Adio and Ayo  for being there for me and praying with me through this hard times. May God continue to bless  you and as He promised, whatever you lay your hands upon shall prosper. 

You have a purpose and gift…. Make use of them the right way.

More so…Commit your every plan into God’s hand and all will be well.

Love always,

Sharon Jane Ehis

-      -    The Alpha Female


  1. Very Inspiring, Sharon. I'm glad to have shared every bit of this story with you. Like you said, the journey has only begun. Remain resilient towards the harsh tides and keep being a conqueror! Love always.

  2. We never see the end from the beginning, we just learn to walk by faith and trust that the Father has us in hollow of His hands. More storms shall come in this life but they won't last long. God has always got you, I was encouraged by your story! Stay strong!

  3. Extremely Encouraging!!! God bless you so much sis, I definitely needed this :) you'll go far and as you said, your journey just begun so encourage as many people as you can on this journey, you're a blessing to many and God is forever on your side there's no doubt at all :)


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