The Linda Ikeji Saga: Blogging…Tips, Plagiarism and some Truth
The past couple of days have been quite interesting for a few of us bloggers. Lessons have been learnt. Hate as been spilled and plagiarism has been trying to vindicate itself. Although I'm not at the level I want to be with just yet, I decided to write an elaborate article on my thoughts following the Linda Ikeji saga. I'm so happy she's back because she is definitely my role model when it comes to this industry. I've been blogging since 2010. I was 16 at the time and to tell you the truth, I never envisioned owning my own (entertainment) website. To me blogging was a hobby and a passion. As a matter of fact, it still is. AFMBlogs , as you know it now, is a very young website but an old blog. Over the past couple of  years, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing websites and not so amazing ones too. If they told you nobody is your friend in the music industry then the blogging industry isn't any different. From filled inbox to a timeline clogging marketing strategy...The blogging 'industry' is a dynamic one and you have to keep up with it day in and day out. I have come to realize that there is a point which you will reach as a blogger and your petit ranting platform will become a moving company of its own: a brand. Nowadays many people are blogging for the wrong reasons. Not because they love it but because it generates a very lucrative income if well strategized. It wasn't until two years ago that I began to understand that blogging consists of two things: business and creativity. They both go hand in hand and cannot live without each other. Creativity is what makes your blog or your articles stand out and it's something that nobody can steal from you. Creativity is you and so is your blog.

Nowadays most Nigerian Entertainment websites have got it all wrong. Whether music or gossip is their main focus. Lifting content off each other's platform has become the norm of the day.  There is  a thin line between 'lifting content ' and 'plagiarism' which many bloggers seem to cross every second. Now the main question asked over the past couple of days is: If blogger cites the source of his/her article, is it still considered plagiarism? It didn't take me two seconds to answer the question. We need to see this citing your source matter from the perspective of the masses ( Yup… Know your  audience!). Nowadays, very few people enjoy reading lengthy articles or even the little letters stating who originally wrote the article. Do you even read the terms of agreement before clicking 'I agree'? This is why Linda Ikeji was and is and successful. She brings the gist straight to the point. As E dey hot. Since  a lot of bloggers are focused on traffic… Will sourcing the article transfer the traffic to the original owner of the article? It's pointless to me since the article would have been read and very few will click the link. For someone like me…. I take my time to write my every article and music post. I wouldn't want anyone to copy and paste my hard work and later on claiming it as theirs. I won't take it lightly. It will be a very deadly day (and 'Borrof us are gonna die on the line'). With that being said… There should be a legal agreement between websites who lift content from each other's platform and there must be a way to re-direct the traffic back to the original article. This can be by copying the first paragraph and adding a 'To read more click here' link. In this way the back and forth plagiarism talk can be avoided.  Too many Nigerian websites and blogs are too focused on the traffic that they lack that the art of being creative and unique. Hence you see why bloggers are often times considered as parasites who clog people's timelines with twitterfeed links. They boldly copy and paste and shamelessly take glory for it. They've successfully turned passion to a competition…Thereby being the very epitome of a lack of authentic material. I sigh! 

Even if blogging is just your hobby, please treat your blog as your company. Have a clear goal on what you want to achieve with it and protect yourself and your content. 

Meanwhile… I noticed how some music website took the opportunity to slander Linda Ikeji. Not to take sides… But they commit plagiarism way too often with the songs they posts. Forgetting to change the copyright of the song they posted silly enough. Most times you can't even change the copyright tag. So I can download a Notjustok song off www. I JUST DEY THIEF THIEF DOT COM. 

My tip and my rule… if you I don't get it in my e-mail, I don't post it. 

Now with that being said…

Blogging can indeed be an inexpedient onus.

Love always,

- The Alpha Female



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