We Know Those We Shouldn't Marry (Part 1)

Have you ever had those days when so many thoughts race through your mind? And you're just thinking. Not necessarily about something in particular… I sigh! I like how nowadays our relationships are subject to rules written on keyboards by people who hardly ever voice out their opinions in public. More so, I like how society has tagged everything that has to do with gender disagreement in a relationship as 'feminism'. Oh she doesn't like to cook ? She's a feminist. She wants to be in charge while we're in bed? She's a feminist. I like how nowadays so many people get married to later on divorce and this later on brings us back to square 1: virtual relationship rules. I like how nowadays relationships are so transparent. A little tweet will tell you there is trouble in paradise. I like how nowadays common sense is left to old souls like me. And more so, I like how logic has lost its essence in my environment. Never minding the things I mentioned in a tone of derision… We know those we shouldn't marry.

We know we shouldn't marry men who are insecure because they are worse than  women. We know they cannot leave us to breathe. We know that when we break up with them they will make our lives miserable. We know that no matter how much we stay seated in our corner, they will push us from our seat and later on ask us why we fell from the chair.

We know we shouldn't marry men who always have words to put in a basket full of holes. We know that they can reassure us that we will not burn even when the entire house is on fire. We know that their    tongues are like moving waves when it comes to erotism but they speak blasphemy in the name of 'logic'. We know them… oh we sure do know them.

We know we shouldn't marry men who are too full of their ego. We know that they will never remove a fallen tree from our dying legs simply because we bruised their ego by giving them constructive criticism. We know that they are little children mentally but they are too proud to admit it. We know them… We sure do know them

We know we shouldn't marry men who use God to cover their true colors. We know that they know that we know that their ways are not of God. Fine boys for face,  good boy for church and demon for house na him dem be. We know that their cup is already full. We know that we are being deceived by their every "hallelujah", "hello sister" and "God's grace will cover the premarital sex we just had". Oh we sure do know them.

We know we shouldn't marry men who beat around the bush too much. We know they say that we cannot handle the truth and we cannot handle them being straightforward. But what we do not understand is why they let their indecisiveness flow over to us. We know because over thinking usually leads somewhere.

We know shouldn't marry men who plead for using, dumping and getting girls easily. We know that they will end up with daughters or at worst  very unhappy… And! We do not want to be a part of that future.

We know shouldn't marry men who believe height equals maturity. Proud they are in talking but actions do not match words. We know that to every beginning there must be an end. We know that trying to help them grow or change them is like a job for a man who is suffering from spinal cord injury on Neurological Level Of Injury C5.

We know we shouldn't marry men who do not have a clue of the value of marriage. We know that it is easier to make pounded yam with a toothpick than to explain these values to a man with an unbridled tongue and body. Oh we know them… We know them.

Who are 'we'?

We are the heart, the mind, the body and the soul of a woman.

- The Alpha Female


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