Leave The Man And his Girlfriend Alone… They deserve each other

What does she have that I don’t? Why does he keep choosing her over me? What am I doing wrong? I sigh. Have you ever been or are you  caught up in a love triangle? Any problem, he runs back to his ex or cheats on you?  I have just one short but momentous message for you today: let him go. You’re there reminiscing on past memories, scrolling down his page wishing for a way you two would find your way back to each other and do things the right way. Stop it right there. Stop leaving under the canopy of self-deceit and hurting yourself while you’re at it. I’ll tell you what:

Love is a very tricky game. Someone must lose for the other to win and if you’re the unlucky type you might keep on losing for a very long time till the heavens decide to smile on you. Some get it right the first time. Others have to kiss countless frogs before one decides to metamorphose into a prince charming. Sometimes love can be very cold looking at when you love someone but that person doesn’t love you back at all or barely as much you love them. Above all things, love can be very irrational when you two love each other but one circumstance or the other won’t let you guys be together. Different sides to just one coin: the coin of love. 

In a case where you constantly have to deal with the ex, side chick or other woman in your relationship, the battle isn’t yours for the win. This is because you simply cannot compete with a woman a man cannot leave alone. It doesn’t matter how prettier you are than that girl, how much of a better cook you are, or how much more supportive you are. A man would always go for who he wants. Life is unfair certainly in the matters of the heart. We often times do not get who we want but believe you me it’s for the best. You can keep on forgiving and accepting him back as long as you want to. But will you continue to do so at the expense of your sanity? 

Your mind is your most valuable asset. Do what it takes to protect it.  I’ve always been of the opinion that staying in touch with an ex, whom  you felt deeply for,  is a set up for a more painful process of healing. I’d rather you go your way and I go mine. If he chooses another woman over you at any point in time, let him go.  Don’t even try… Don’t even bother. You will keep losing and losing. It doesn’t even matter if it seems like they keep fighting and your chance to win back is near. Stop it right there. You need to know your worth as a woman. Your emotions aren’t meant to be toiled with. 

Just leave the man and his girlfriend/wife  alone... They deserve each other. And you deserve better.

The Alpha Female 


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