Why My Daddy is The Most Special Man In The World

When I thought of you, I tried avoiding you because we always seem to clash, argue and fight. You weren’t always around and I kind of blame you for that. Then again it’s not entirely your fault. Now that I’ve grown, I know how life can be. Sometimes you want something but it seems like what you desire doesn’t want you. I used to blame you and mommy for not teaching me how to guard my emotions because you two were always fighting. I don’t know if you noticed the pain it caused me. I don’t know if you noticed I wasn’t standing with my emotions. I didn’t know how to talk so I either kept quiet or talked roughly when I my emotions took over me. I never understood why you were so protective of me. I never understood why you kept pushing me to do nothing but excel and bounce back. I sometimes just wanted to stay in my corner and keep crying. Sometimes I cried because of the harsh things you said that kept tearing me down. Sometimes I cried because you weren’t around and outsiders would be telling me how much of a bad person you are. I failed to see and read through your words of wisdom and now that I’m actually emotionally drained, I can now understand what you were trying to tell me. Our relationship was and is different from others because I literally tell you everything. Even when there is a new man in my life. You say he isn’t any good for me but you would let me go ahead and love him. When I come running to you in tears you are still the same dad that wipes my tears that keep rolling down my cheeks. When you call and I say i’m okay, you can tell when something is wrong no matter how convincing I try to sound. Now that I think of it, I regret not listening to you because this pain I’ve been trying to beat for the past 8 months… I could have avoided to it. You know me to  be a very ambitious woman. I have so many dreams. I’ve discussed my business strategies and innovations with you countless times and you’ve been so proud of me. When you read my stories/articles  and boast about how much of a brilliant and wise child I am, I feel so happy inside because yeah… Daddy is proud of me and that’s all that matters. You’ve offended me a lot of times but I can’t hate you. Even when I reach the zenith of my anger, I still forget what has happened and our relationship goes back to what it was before. But as I said… I have big dreams, daddy. But in my bid of chasing them, I chased them the wrong way believing it’s the only way. And I tried doing it alone, I did… I worked myself through emotional stress and then eventually when I was set to go… You know humans are so untrustworthy. Sometimes I sit down with a lot of words dancing on the tip of my tongue because even in talking to friends there isn’t any comfort. I just don’t know how to say what I want to say….But I just wanted to say you’re the most special man in the world. 

You’re the most special man in the world because no matter how much of a stubborn child I am I can always run back to you. No other man is like this. You’re the most special man in the world because your words radiate with wisdom, deep intellect. No other man is like this. You’re the most special man in the world because you’re my dad. 

I thank God for you, daddy. I don’t think I would be able to keep myself grounded if I didn’t know you or have you as father.  I’m still learning from my mistakes. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself because I’m a perfectionist and I love too much. But if I ever get married… I do want my husband to walk up to you realising I am the woman he loves because you molded me into an amazing wife.

I love you daddy… And I really do miss you.

Your angel,

- Sharon Omonze Ehis 

( The Alpha Female) 


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