Adverstising Your Relationship On Social Media... Sign of a serious relationship?

When a guy/girl you're dating tells you he doesn't like his/her relationship to be overly known on social media but later on, the person dates someone else and both of them are now all over your timeline... Saying I love you's, tweeting each other, liking each other pictures etc. What then becomes of what they have said to you? How do you respond to that? What does the incident actually mean? At first thought, I told myself that human beings are fickle... But then again... This could also mean that the person never really valued you, never really loved or respected you. What is your take on this  scenario?

Relationship goals! Relationship goals! Relationship goals! 

I've always been the type of person that wants to show off the person I've decided to date. Not in the sense of tweeting our business but in the sense of changing my background picture to theirs for example. Social media has become such a cruel place... It seems as if the moment you put up a picture, the entire e- world is anticipating your break up. The funniest of all people are those who let us know everything that happens in their relationship. We know when they fight, when they are together, when they are cuddling, when they are.... *coughs* So I woke up this morning trying to figure out if social media should play a role in your relationship with your significant other.

With experience, I've developed a sense of mistrust for people who say they don't want social media to know they are in a relationship because I personally feel they are hiding something. I can be wrong but so far... I haven't.  At what stage in your relationship should you change your Facebook status?

I do believe there is a difference between keeping your relationship secret and keeping it private.

The internet has become a basic necessity in today's society. Looking at how it has brought millions of people across the globe together on one platform, one would believe that the internet couldn't hurt anyone. Nevertheless... Nowadays, the internet gives you many reasons to sulk about the things you don't have and boast about the things you do have. Ladies going through Bellanaijaweddings Instagram page, planning their weddings while they are oblivious to the fact that there is no man there yet. Men drolling over women they very much probably will never meet. In between these two stands the everyday relationship between two people.

Is the posting of long captions, selfies and tweets a sign of a serious relationship?   

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- The Alpha Female 


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