And... A Few Last Words Before The Year Ends *wink*

These past couple of days have been the best I  have had this year. All I can say is that one should never underestimate the power of family. I'm still in shock on how big my family actually is but I can say for a certainty that nothing beats having family around. I've never been the type to like to talk too much, but I've spent most of my days laughing and being joyful though everything isn't perfect. So what do I have to tell you on this fateful 30th of December? Many have mocked the idea of having new year resolutions being of the opinion that it's cheap talk. After all, a person that wants to change will change and doesn't need a new year to do so. I'm writing you realising that 2014 will never come back again and I won't have the chance to undo anything that I have done this year. Neither can you, by the way.  So I have been sitting comfortably awaiting confessions to take place lol. Nevertheless, like I said in my video ( Now I'm actually embarrassed about it lol) this year has been a good year and I know that 2015 will be MY year.

Many started 2014 but didn't see the end of it. Many started the year off as friends but now are archenemies. Many started the year off in love but are now single or heartbroken. There is a saying that has always blown my mind away: " A day is likened to a thousand years in God's eyes". Now I do understand why a year is considered a day in God's eyes because time is indeed a stubborn bird. I don't know how you spent your year. Some of the memories I have made this year, I have forgotten. This just goes to show that time is meant to be wisely spent.  Procrastination and denial are the two main killers of life. And my dear reader, time is life. If you're blessed enough to read this post going into 2015, make your every minute in the new year count.  Living isn't just marked by your presence but it is also marked by the impression your absence leaves with the people around you. 

Life is such a though journey. We all want to kill different birds with the same stone. Some of us are chasing a career, love, wealth, a stronger relationship with God or happiness. Most of us are chasing all of these things at once. Few of us are chasing these things the right way. But the bottom line is this, all of us are chasing something. 2014 has definitely been a year of insight and growth. It has definitely been a year of major surprises. In your making of goals for 2015, remember to not sacrifice the good things you already have for something or someone you are not sure of. Or rather, for something God has not put in store for you... I've always seen life as a business. In order to get to the next level a transaction must be made. This transaction comes in the form of risks and sacrifices. These can be time, energy, money... I've stood at cross roads before but I have always committed my life into the hands of God and no matter how hard it is, I always tell Him to let His will for my life be done. I've realised that what or who you want or desire so eagerly might not be good for you. I cannot tell what the future holds but I know God knows and holds my future. Therefore, I say to you reading this post... Before you leap, pray. Before you make that decision, pray. Before you let go, pray. Before you do anything at all, pray. Before you start your day pray. And before you go to bed, pray. The fact that God answers prayers is not a secret. That answer might not come immediately but it will come. And when it does... 

In what may concern your interactions with other human beings... Remember this, human beings are fickle. They say they will be there forever but will leave you 2 seconds later. At this particular point of your life, it is imperative that you learn to not trust or depend on anyone. Why vent and rant when Kunle betrays you? It is in human nature to do so.  Why are you troubled? Even the most sincere person you know can be insincere for a minute. And that one minute can jeopardise the friendship/relationship you two have. If there is anything I have corrected myself  and others on this year, it's this:  never you think too highly of anyone. Not the person you're in love with, not the person you dine with... no one at all. The day they decide to disappoint you, your world and emotional state of mind will crumble. You'll then be left with too many unanswered questions, no peace of mind, tears, mistrust... anger. Leave room for people around you to fall short of your expectations. Leave room for them to make mistakes. When they do make mistakes and hurt you on the long run, forgive them. Forgive them and try to rebuild what has been scattered. Or forgive them and let them go, depending on the strength or your heart and the gravity of what they have done. People will always hurt you...nobody is perfect. Even I can hurt you.

And lastly... Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God, that which belongs to God.  

Just a few hours left and a new chapter begins... Make these last hours count and do what what's necessary. Don't forget to pray yourself into the New Year before you pick up that bottle of Guinness.

Have a prosperous 2015, lovies!

Love Always,

- The Alpha Female



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