Maybe Long Distance Isn't such a Bad thing After All...

This is a very unconventional place to write... On a moving train. But like I always say... When the inspiration comes, you just gotta dive in and get it done. I'm such a thinker and it's beginning to scare me. I like to think about life and how much its puzzles make or break your being. I've been away from home for the past 4 months and I won't be going home for Christmas because I chose not to. Nevertheless I couldn't help but notice how much the distance has helped rebuild my broken relationships with the people I left behind... Or rather, the people I love. If you keep up with me, you'd notice how tired I used to be emotionally. I was tired of constantly repeating myself and being misunderstood. I was so tired of constantly arguing and I just wanted to go away. That was honestly, the main reason why I wanted to leave the country. I wanted to go to a new place and start over... Or at least enjoy some peace of mind. And so I told God I wanted to leave. My plan was to just leave and not stay in touch or go back home for very long time but distance, although being a pain in the neck, brought me closer to those I left behind. 

Let me take my dad for example. If you know me, you'd know I love him a whole lot for a reason only God can point out. But ah... We were the epitome of a Tom and Jerry series on repeat. Always clashing, always arguing and then daddy calls "Sharon. You don't call. Why are you running away from me" I'd say the same thing... "It's because you don't understand me" . And I don't like talking too much. I've always seen distance as a get away from reality. But now... I think I have broken a record in peace keeping. And my dad has been a sweetheart. It's like we can't even argue, I laugh. I'm assuming he realises I'm not going to be a little girl forever. March 21st 2015 is about to be the start of a new era hehe. 

What I want to say is this. Distance doesn't always have to be bad or for the worse. Maybe there's someone in your family you're tired of, or maybe someone you're living with... Facing them is like facing the gates of hell to be mildly put. Sometimes it's not the people that are toxic but the atmosphere that is just sickening. This results in unnecessary conflict and long talks. What you can try doing is travelling or staying away for a little while. Give your heart the time to miss them and appreciate having them around. So when you're away, you'd realise that no one is perfect and imperfect people make life as beautiful as it is. The human heart is a beating enigma. One you have to figure out for yourself. Once you've missed them enough, come back and start the relationship afresh keeping in my mind that life is best lived when mutual understanding, love and respect are present. 

You probably thought I was going to blog about long distance relationships. Oh well... When I have found the right words to formulate the the thoughts I have... I will. 

With that being said...

I never thought I would ever say this but I'd rather have my mom complain and  whine about my habits than quarrel with anyone else. I wouldn't have said this 5 months ago. Lol 

Parents are special and they won't be there forever. Appreciate them while you can even in their most annoying state... And that also goes for your in-laws. 

Maybe long distance isn't such a bad thing after all...

Love always 

- The Alpha Female


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