Mepacho vs Farabale: language barriers in Relationships

Topics like these spark my interest. Nowadays interracial relationships have become a norm. They are even more interesting when they take place between two people of different countries but the same race. I'm speaking about Ghana- nigerian relationships, nigerian - Congolese marriages etc. I've noticed we nigerian women tend to complain a lot about our Nigerian men. We complain about how unromantic they are, how unfaithful they are, how useless they can be... Point very well taken. Nigerian men are not the best men in the world. Heck! Sometimes they prove to be the worst of all men with their washing machine throwing self. Being the very embodiment of idiotic mannerism... I sigh! What then happens when we fall in love with a man of another ethnicity?  A non- Nigerian african man. Could it be the sweet "mepacho" Kwame Mensah whispers in our ears? Could it be the breathtaking "Ya ka wa" Tonton Koffi whispers in our ears when his manhood stares at our lusting eyes? Nigerian man are like this... Nigerian men are like that... But guess what? I will take a Nigerian man anytime any day. *iroking voice*

Are we going to pretend that we do not know our Nigerian men? Let me ask you a question... Is there something a Nigerian man does today, that a Nigerian man didn't do in the independence era? Is it cheating? Is it marrying someone else? Is it leading you on and choosing another woman over you? Funny enough, diabolical behaviours such as these have nothing to do with where the man comes from. It all simply falls in the nature of man. Now is nature an excuse for bad behaviour ? Not at all. Alright... I'm done defending Nigerian men. Dem go dey alright. 

I wanted to touch on the issue of having language barriers in your relationship. I've always been of the opinion that speaking the same english isn't enough compared to understanding each other's dialect. This can be void of speaking each other's language, but I feel the need to understand what Kwame's "mepacho" is all about. Learning your partner's language is a form of showing interest in their culture and it can actually minimise a lot of misunderstandings. I speak for an era where a lot of trust issues are beginning to spread their wings and fly away like a plagues. More so, these trust issues have more than enough reason to bloom either based on experience or hear-say. It's not a wrong thing to be with someone of another culture. On the contrary it is is a beautiful thing to behold. Communication and many more things form the basis of a sound relationship. But if you two cannot communicate or , even when you do, communicate with suspicions, the relationship will take a turn that isn't very pleasant. Some virtues can be acquired with time but the art of communication is a basic necessity.

Language barriers, no matter how small, shouldn't be found in your relationship. It will save you the headache while you and your partner can share a transparency that characterises a healthy relationship. 

I've come to learn that the learning process of a language is fun and romantic when your teacher is actually bae.

Even if you're not taking anything out of the relationship....Remember that a good language can come in handy at anytime, any day. 

Love Always,

- The Alpha Female 

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