The JB Movement: How to have faith and live a care free, happy Life

What is the JB movement? Who is the JB movement for? More importantly, how do you join the JB movement? The JB movement stands for the Jesus Baby movement.  It is a  movement set out to help you attain a certain level of happiness and spread love in your society. More so, joining the Jesus Baby movement is easy. Boy, you just gotta do one thing: talk to Jesus and you're in! It's that simple. It's not just a movement, it is a lifestyle! 

All jokes aside, I've spent the past year trying to redefine my faith and build a closer relationship with God. I've been to many churches. Some where too dramatic while others preached heresies. In some I found the truth but  it wasn't reflected in the actions of the church community. For years I spent my time comparing my Christian life to others. Oh sister Jane doesn't wear trousers? I'm not wearing trousers too...after all, who wants to go to hell fire? No be me o! In this process I cleaved on to religion and I didn't know the gospel truth about grace and how it binds me to salvation through Christ despite my sound knowledge of the word of God. I had 3 main questions bugging me at the time. 

1) How do I get to heaven when even the pastor and his members are not holy?

2) Why does my faith in God not result in answered prayers ? 

3) Why am I not happy even though I'm living according to God's word? Where is the peace that surpasses all understanding ? 

Nna mehn... We prayed, we sang and  the answers came down. 

Your race in life should never be compared to others. Not your pastor, not your fellow church members. Your relationship with God is personal and that's why we were commended to pray without ceasing according to 
1 Thessalonians 5:17. How many times haven't we ran away from praying? Prayer is talking to God and the blissful thing about it is that he hears you even when no word comes out of your mouth.  It's okay to be down, let him know how you're feeling because just like he told apostle Paul, His grace is sufficient enough for you in times of weakness. Instead of running away, run towards him. It's even more needed when you're angry at Him for not "coming through" or when you feel like he has failed you. I've been there more than enough times to realise that God can only do what is best for me and what will help me grow. What you see as a setback today, can actually be the biggest blessing to happen to you 5 years from now.

I've always been used to the old King James Version bible. And one of my favourite verses is Hebrews 1:1 which describes what is faith is. The Word also says that "without faith ye cannot please God, for ye must believe that He is and He is the rewarder of them that diligently seek him". Till recently,  I believed having faith equalled having hope. Upon stumbling on the Good News Translation of the bible ( download it on your device and read the book of Proverbs. You will laugh and gain some serious wisdom ehnnn!)  I realised that having faith exceeds just having hope. It is being sure that what you're hoping for and have prayed about will come to pass. Faith is two things in one: having hope and being sure it will happen. So how then do you start having faith and see your life turn around for the better? "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. " So if you don't read, you won't know what to believe and how to believe it. More so, I realised that backing your prayer with scriptures makes a huge difference because then you're reminding God of His word and your faith in Him moves Him to work wonders in your life. 

Happiness is a very abstract term if you ask me. Why does everyone run away from problems? Why can't we all enjoy the headaches of life? Why are we looking for happiness? Even more bewildering, why are we so hell bent on being happy? I tell you why... The three easiest things to acquire in life are frustration, sadness and  depression. Being happy, on the other hand, is a very daunting task. The more astonishing fact about it is that many people confuse happiness with pleasure. Happiness is a long term disease anyone would gladly suffer from while pleasure is temporary. This explains why after having sex with a stranger, getting drunk, doing drugs etc... The highness and cloud 9 disappear and you find yourself faced with your troubles all over again.  I've always wondered what happiness truly entails. Why I can't I just be sad whenever I want to? Why do some millionaires commit suicide ? I finally understood this principle: happiness starts with you and you need guidelines to acquire and retain your happiness. First, stop worrying about what is going or can/will go wrong and take it to God in prayer. Remember to make your request known to him through prayer, supplication and thanking him being sure that He's already on it. Smoking, staying up late, thinking will not help you but will, in fact, break your every possible ( what's the word?)... sense of individuality. 

God didn't say we won't have problems but unlike many who do not believe He can... He is with us every step of the way... making the journey of life more enjoyable and opening doors no man can shut.

Now with that being said...

I want you to stop that your nonsensical stubborn donkey behaviour and start being happy! YOLO is not a myth. What is that problem that is weighing you down? Who are those people who are pursuing you in the dream? 

Are you aware that you have someone who loves you and wants to help you? Are you still sleeping on that old bicycle? Wake up and grab your happiness by the tail. 

Forget what anyone says... You can live a care free life if only you cast your cares upon Him. 

The Jesus Baby Movement... Saving lives for the past 2 thousand years. 

It's a lifestyle! 

Love always, 

- The Alpha Female


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