Walking Hands: Appointed For Fate (episode 1)

What truly defines a woman? Is it her ability to produce children or her ability to to build and keep her home? Being a woman has always been a thing of risk. From the fear of being raped to the fear of being discriminated…  I didn’t want to be a woman sometimes. I just didn’t want to be one. In this misery and pain I faced continuously, I got myself a degree, money and a beautiful daughter. My angel, my pride, my bundle of joy… Sarah. She loved to dance, and tell me about what she had learnt on TV. How she was surprised that monkeys were as smart as humans but couldn’t speak “common” english. Oh she had such a sharp mouth. She made me laugh and annoyed me at the same time. Mommy?! Did you know that this. Mommy Did you know that that. Every time mommy, mommy, mommy. How she jumped on me whenever she had the chance to. And her laugh, her“Boo! mommy I got you” would rid my mind of every thought that ran through my mind at that moment. I loved her so much surely for the uncoventional way I gave birth to her… Her father was once my bestfriend. He was once that only person who knew me in and out. Before Sarah was born, we were close. We never had a relationship or even slept together. Jide was that brother I never had. When I was needy he was there. When I needed a shoulder to cry on, he was there. But after that one favour I asked him for… He became someone else. He was cold, didn’t talk to me. From our everyday calls to no calls at all till the day Sarah was born. We had agreed he wouldn’t let Sarah or anyone else know he was her father. Sarah knew him as uncle Jide and that’s all I believed she needed to know about him. That’s all my baby girl needed to know…

“Good evening, mrs..”

“It’s miss, Femi.” 

“Sorry ms Bakare. Senator Folarin has requested your presence in the conference room  immediately. His excellency governor Komani and his wife are here. More so... the president is here and I would advise you hurry up. You know the senator has a very... ”

“bad temper. Thank you, Femi. I will be there in 5 minutes”

“Don’t you think 5 minutes is too lo…”

“Femi, I said 5 minutes.” 

“Okay, ma. Good luck… You will need it.”

I looked at Femi and gave him a sign to leave. He left quietly. Femi has always been a very timid fellow yet he exhibits a rare form of intelligence. People like him ought to be feared. Femi was more than office clerk. His skinny, nerd glasses wearing self couldn’t compare to the amount of trouble he had caused and solved in the senate. I always kept him at a distance because he was very inquisitive. Even when he walked into my office just now, his eyes raided my entire office. Call me crazy… But I didn’t trust him for one bit. We would laugh during lunch hours but that was all there was to it. 

“ Good evening your excellencies”

Fatia Adelakun -  “ Ah! You must be Melinda Bakare. Aha! Be e ni. I have heard a lot about you o. One of the finest political mind this country has”

General Osei - “Indeed she is. The epitome of intellect and sound morals… all in the body of a woman”

Senator Folarin - “ Eh eh… General, let’s get not ahead of ourselves.”

General Osei - “ ahn ahn… Senator. Both of us went to school together. You how these things can be”

Fatia Adelakun - “Oshe QC Boys. mschew ”

General Osei - “ Your attitude is the reason why you don’t have a husband” 

Fatia Adelakun - “E mi?! Ko ni da fun e. Ahhhhh!”

General Osei - “ Senator?! Did you hear that?! If not for… “

Senator Folarin - “Ehhhh well… ehhh”

Mr President - “ That’s okay, that’s okay. Gentlemen, gentlemen. Let us conduct ourselves accordingly. We do not want to depict the state of the nation on such an important ehh...” 

Femi - “briefing, sir… The word you’re looking for is ‘briefing’ ”

Mr President - “ Ehen… Thank you… So ehhh! Ms Bakare please have a sit. I have a meeting to attend in Zimbabwe soon. So we will keep this as short as possible. Senator ? ”

Senator Folarin - “ Thank you, your excellency. Bakare. You are one the finest this country has ever produced. We have a project we are executing with immediate effect in the village of Amadekan. We want you to go there and build a sound following for our political party since the king just died and Amadekan is one of those few villages who has refused to submit to the democratic regime of our country. You will go there, take over the land and rule the people until you receive further instructions.”

“ For how long do I have to be there?” 

Senator Folarin - “ Femi?”

Femi - “ 3 months, sir”
Senator Folarin - “ We will provide you with the necessary funds. You leave tomorrow. Now I suppose Amadekan shouldn’t be too hard to locate for you?”

“ That village is nowhere on the nigerian map. More so my daught…”

Senator Folarin - “More so our record of you show that you are from that village. You’ll enjoy your stay there. I believe that would be all?”

“Yes sir… that  would be all”

I hated the way senator imposed his orders on me. I knew Amadekan was my village but my memory of that place was vague. The instructions I got where  vague. Everything was so vague. I was excused from the meeting and went back to my office. I sat there and thought of all the things that could possibly happen when I get there. I tried to remember the little I knew about that village but my mind seemed blocked with every possible memory. I couldn’t remember what my mom told me before she died. 

I looked at my hands and they were covered in blood. My clothes were tattered. My face was hurting terribly. I looked around and I saw myself in a bus with broken windows. The whole place was covered in mist. I turned around and saw numb villagers sitting. They stared at me aimlessly. I wasn’t even scared. I felt as if I knew them from somewhere. An old man, a little boy, a blind old woman, a chief and…

“Mommy! Mommy!!”

“ What is it?”

“You were gone again” 


“Yes… Your eyes...they rolled to the back again.”


She hugged me … How was I going to tell her that we had to to travel yet again? The next day would become a day to remember… 

- The Alpha Female 



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