Why You Should Die Before Your Appointed Time

Before you crucify me... My title will probably scare you. What does The Alpha Female have to say today? Or rather, what is Sharon thinking again? Death is an inevitable thing where life is concerned. I'm telling you to die before your appointed time... I don't mean stop breathing, kill yourself or shoot your professor for giving you a final in this holy month. I mean crucify your emotions, die to your emotions. This is a post aimed at  my fellow ladies out there and maybe some men would be able to relate to it as well. Life is funny, words are funnier and love is hilarious. We women tend to be more emotional than men are. For some of us this comes at the peril of our focus and our goals. Heck! Some of us can't let go of the idea of what could have been. Some of us are still wondering what we did wrong or what went wrong after all these years. The worst of us are devising a strategy to win the idiot back. Stop it right there and listen to me: do not let your emotions control your life.

There is nothing worse than loving someone who is wrong for you. To stop loving them is even a detrimental mission only time can accomplish. While time is working, you're busy wrestling with your emotions. A sudden moment of happiness could turn into a day of grievance  or a night of unrest. While you're restless, there is work to do... projects to do, books to study, clients to call... a life to live. Emotions are those things that make us who we are. Emotions are those wicked things that cause us to miss out on opportunities that could change our lives.

Do not miss out on something good because your emotions clouded your vision. Become dead to your emotions and follow the agenda God has for your life. There is so much to enjoy in life... family, friends, good careers and much more. Why let your feelings mess up your focus?

Die to your emotions before your appointed time else your appointed time will come to you way too early.

Learn to love you, bottle your emotions till God says it's time to bring them out.

Be successful. Be you.

Love always,

- The Alpha Female 


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