20 minutes A Day In My Head: Flavour, Davido and Depression

Tuesday, January 13th 2014

I'd like to know why flavour's Ada song is playing in my head. I've not listened to it in weeks. The last flavour song I listened to was Orinado. So why then is Flavour's Ada playing continuously playing in my head? When I woke up this morning it was Owo ni Koko. Being that I was in the spirit of prayer, I vehemently rebuked the song but it kept coming back. Now what I've mentioned Owo ni Koko... Both that song and Ada Ada are playing in my head simultaneously. I'd like to believe I'm not the only one who has a living MP3 player in my brain. I could be a DJ if time is not taken and I start learning the trade. But then why is Ada Ada... Oh maybe because in the last few minutes before I slumbered I watched Gollibe's music video and being the eccentric thinker that I am... I thought of what my traditional wedding would be like. The palm wine, my ever loving dad, my enormous family... Teasingly rejecting every hand that reaches out to receive my cup of wine... And just there hiding himself, my husband to be. I can see his hands but his face is as blurry as always. Not like I've not ripped off a few faces from lovers and placed it on his image... But all those faces never seem to fit. I know where my cheeks are, they reach out for both ends of the earth when I am overcome with joy. So my eyes decided to close on me and I slept off but my mind was still doing it's usual duties of sorting out the day's business. "You better drop that scenario, brain." I'd say whenever my mind wanted to obsess and recall scenario's of years' gone. Hmm, my mental CD shelf was being organised and the oh so many emails and materials I need to post on this blog were being neatly drafted in my to do list. The innovative ideas were being refined... And then last but not least, all the pages of medical science I had studied during the day were being masticated and digested by my retentive memory. I now recall what I was studying: depression.

I have 3 more minutes... Depression is a word and disease I do not go a week without hearing. It's amazing how medicine has labeled a lot of human traits as abnormal. So I went though the criteria and symptoms of depression wondering why I could relate to so many symptoms. And then I realised that depression is a mental state of mind that spreads it tentacles into your physical body... Taking its time to put you down, make you tired, give you headaches... Depression isn't even limited to age. Anybody can fall into it. With all the bad things taking place in this world from Nigeria to Paris... How won't I fall into depression knowing that my next door neighbour could be the person to kill me? 

Maybe I'm just overthinking it but I do remain grateful that I have a God whose wisdom surpasses that of humanity and who isn't limited by the boundaries of medicine.

I was once depressed for 3 good years but I can say that I'm one of the funniest people on your Twitter timeline now.

Maybe I'll finish the rest of my thought process tomorrow if that is what I'm thinking about at the time... My 20 minutes  are far spent already. 


- The Alpha Female 


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