20 minutes A Day In My Head: World crisis, The Sky and Humanity

Monday, January 12th 2015 

I wonder how many people take their time to actually stand still and just look up to the sky. Everyone is preoccupied with different things. Some more than others... Some are worried about their troubles while others are preoccupied with work and more work. While a few like me live in their own world through the power of their mind, imagination and emotions. Just wondering what it would be like if Osaze actually asked us out, imagine the butterflies.... Or a perfect world, where Nigerians would stop complaining and decide to use the power democracy bestowed on them. Or Perhaps refuse to vote in a president till an adequate candidate arises. How many people are actually happy with the idea of having to go to work? The sky still moves and the earth still spins continuously without ever getting tired. It has been spinning and rotating since the day God set his eyes on a soup of nothingness called earth. Let there be light and there was light.... Let there be me and there was me. 

Who is me... Me is me. Me is the I in pride. Me is the being in human being. Me is the s in she. Me is the one standing on a moving train wondering when my time of buying first class tickets will come because no seat. Me is the one who feels the pain of world crisis but forgets reality because it's not happening in my surroundings. Me is the she that wonders if she looks okay every morning because she never knows when the Lord will decide to bring the permanent bae her way. Me is the she that wonders if her life is right before Christ so she won't miss the lift when the trumpet sounds. Me is the she that holds herself back when holding a pen for fear of massacre. Me is the she that cares about what others think. Me is the she that wonders why so much bad news clouds the media every single day. Me is she who wonders if she was ever Eve in her past life because of gullibility, naivety. Me has found a seat, thank you sweet baby Jesus.

I am me today. I am an individual today who thinks and ponders about the society wherein she is but I can change at anytime. And then I become a different me. Situations in the world being so much of burden can change but they don't... Or rather they change for the worst. But the sky... The sky never changes its mind. It continues to move and the earth continues to spin and rotate... Despite the so many problems that gloom the face of the earth. 

Insane isn't it? 

Be grateful for the little things. Many children wake up in the morning with no blue sky in sight. Many await their death sentences by hanging, gunshot or decapitation. Many women cannot even boast of pleasure because they have been stripped off their feminity. Many suffer... Many cry by reason of their affliction.  Be grateful because many cannot be you. 

- The Alpha Female 


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