How To Get Over and Forget Someone Like A Boss *flips hair*

Today is January 5th 2015 and this is the first official article for my blog ( and it had to be about relationships. As I am writing you this post, I am currently enjoying a hot cup of green tea with a teaspoon of honey.  On to more important matters, happy new year! If you've been following my blog, you would know how much of an interesting year 2014 was for me. I think the most repetitive line I heard all year long was "Get over it". At first I pondered... What the hell is a "get over it"? Even more interesting are those who tell you to get over it but don't tell you how to. That's just farcical. In my desperation to find answers I searched google. Keywords "How To Get Over Someone" and believe you me I stumbled on quite a number of articles some of which were the very epitome of idealistic fallacies. My hurt wasn't a fairytale, neither was I in a movie where my prince charming would just pop out of nowhere and make me forget the idiot of an anthropoid I fell in lov...  Anyways! I would like to promulgate that I have been liberated and you can too. It doesn't matter who messed you up. A friend, an ex, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, an enemy, your best friend, etc... This is  #DeliverYourself2015 and delivered you must be.

This is how to get over someone like a boss and realistically too.

Step 1:  Find Out What Is Actually Pissing You Off And Trash It 

I've come to realise that  feelings are a scam most of the time. What you feel might not necessarily reflect reality. That's why I have conditioned myself to not make decisions when I'm in my "feelings." Especially as a woman... It's so easy to jump to conclusions certainly with the type of nonsensical and morally drained generation we live in. Get your facts straight and then make your decision to let go.

Step 2: Do Not Check Their Social Media Profiles

This is crucial. Nowadays  everyone is on the Internet and sometimes that mute button doesn't do any justice to your decision. "Sharon why are you so quick to block?" Because my sanity comes first duh! I know how hard it gets to not check the profiles of those you're just not cool with. But for the sake of your peace of mind, do not check their profiles. And if their words get reposted to your timeline, mute those who repost them till you are finally calm enough to  see their names and not feel some type of way. If it need be, block and forget what anyone else says about maturity.  They say what you don't know won't kill you... And believe me it's true!

And oh!  Don't rant on social media about it... This is coming from a professional ranter. So take my advice!

Step 3: Do Not Imagine Anything 

Don't anticipate or imagine any fairy tale reunion or apology. I've come to realise that what will be, will be. If God wants them in your life, He'll bring them your way again and, this time around, in the right setting. Life doesn't end when you get into a conflict, neither do you need an apology to move on.

Step 4: Stop Talking About them

It's okay to rant and it's okay to be angry,hurt . Don't be sounding like a broken record on the same matter like Femme Fatale (@KokoletteDoll) always tells me. What you do by talking about them too much is that you keep reminding yourself of what transpired between you guys. And what's next on your plate afterwards? Bitterness, anger and the worst of them all... hate.

Step 5: Forgive Them 

This is the hardest step in getting over someone. Forgiveness... Like I said in my last post ('And a few last words before the year ends *wink*) you have to give room for people to make mistakes with you and in your life. Perfection is something everyone is looking for, forgetting that perfection is nonexistent. And even if perfection were to exist, it gets boring with time. That's the beauty of being human: making mistakes and learning from them. Forgive them and forgive yourself. With time you'll forget what happened  and in the long run... You'll probably forget them and the memory of them.

Time is the best healer and determination is the best cure.

With that being said... This is a new year and if you are reading this post, you're probably too old to be holding on to someone who isn't helping you grow or contributing anything positive to your life.

As such... #DeliverYourself2015 and disencumber yourself like the boss that you are.

Love Always,

- The Alpha Female 



  1. I think forgiving that person should be the first thing, once that's done it's easier to move on. Nice article, everyone needs this.


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