Timeframe, A Ring and Sweat... You basically Need God in Your Relationship, Sis!

So yesterday I remember tweeting something about the (or my...) #StaySingle2015 challenge and being 25 days gone... Technically, if I am to be very accurate and assertive, my journey through this challenge should be about 393 days with some on and offs but aye... The bottom line is that this year should be a whole 365 consecutive days of staying single. It's not just a challenge I took on myself for sake of being hurt or something... But I for once in my life just wanted to detox my soul and mind from every form of bad energy. So yesterday someone volunteered to help break my resolution which I politely declined. I don't know if he was just kidding but I'm assuming he was. Nevertheless, he did say something that sparked my train of thoughts last night. I believe he said that he didn't believe God was the only one to love unconditionally and that love in its purest form couldn't be lost. So I had to think. Do humans even know what it means to love in it's purest form?

After killing my every muscle cell in the gym today, I stumbled on a few tweets about why dating an older guy is better than you dating your 24 year old boyfriend. Knowing fully well that you're only 23 and ready for marriage but that he won't be marrying you at that age. And the probability of him marrying someone way younger than you are, when he hits his mid life crisis age, are... pretty much huge. So I had to think once again. Does anything at all in this life guarantee a successful relationship? I mean it is very easy to come on the internet and set out rules and relationship goals but the last piece of strawberry on this cake is this: what works for you might not work for me or someone else out there. I have come to understand that a lot of people deem their opinions to be fact whereas opinions are nothing but opinions. This simply means that opinions are the very epitome of subjectivity and,as such,are always liable to be wrong. There are different things that make a relationship work while others kill it. All I can say is that the only guarantee to making your relationship work is when God himself is involved in it.

And yes... A man would naturally want to assume his role of being the provider and head of his family. Looking at how society has set up our education system and careers, the probability of a man having his shit together by age 25 is small. Now ladies, I'm not saying don't date him or older guys are better. What I'm saying is this: you cannot measure a man's sense of responsibility by his age. It's about his mentality and what you two have chosen to define your relationship as. Personally, older guys don't work for me. And neither guys my age. Heck, the only guy to work for me and the guy I will be marrying is someone that fits my being. Age is just a number unfortunately... And even his intentions are faulty, cleanse your conscience  by knowing that you do want to be his wife for the right reasons. Not because you think he's older, he's better... You, sis, need to also think about what you can contribute to your man's life other than your exotic moves and body. When he leaves you, he should miss you. Not because of the sex but because you are the missing  part that completes his puzzle called life.

And i'mma need some of y'all to stop putting a frame on this "relationship before the ring drops topic". I don't know how else to put it... but it is absolutely agonising, depressing and excruciating to my eyes and ears. If you are ready get married, marry. If not let me hear word.

On that note... #EradicateRelationshipTwitter2015 because too much noise.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was today's rant. See you tomorrow :-)

- The Alpha Female

And oh... last week's "20 minutes a day in my head"video... watch it below !


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