Moral Lesson featuring the Mystery Dress

I can't really remember what happened but what I can certainly say is that a lot happened within the short 6hours I was sleeping. To you 6 hours can be nothing, but a lot can happen within that timeframe. My theory was proved this morning when I woke to up to Kevin's text saying "I'm still confused about that dress". In my mind, I was like what dress is he talking about? Only for me to come on Instagram and see memes flying and people disagreeing about the actual colour of the mystery dress. Some said the dress was blue/black while others said the dress was white/gold. But as you know me, I like to think things trough. Seeing how fun and funny the whole commotion about the dress was, I've come to find the moral lesson in it. 

We can all liken the dress to a certain situation which involves us individually and the  people we communicate with. This situation very often comes in the form of a fight or a disagreement. It is so that both parties in the fight usually cannot agree on a matter. There is a popular saying that goes like this: there are 3 side to a story. My side, your side and the truth. The moral lesson which can be drawn out of the #TheDress is the following... People will always differ in opinion and the fact that they do, doesn't mean that one is right while the other is wrong. 

It is a matter of perspective and interpretation. Intellectuals know and understand that their minds interpret situations based on the knowledge they already have, their experience and their emotions. Hence we see that when a husband and wife are about to split,  for sake of who will handle house chores, both parties will come to you with their own side of the story. And you will, more often than always, find yourself picking sides subconsciously. I believe that society has thought us a thing that we partially need to let go of. This "thing" as I call it is the 'good versus bad' factor where one person HAS to be wrong and the other HAS to be right in order for balance to be restored. But the funny thing remains that human beings are, most likely, not going to admit that they are at fault. Consequentially, we find ourselves in a society where peace is a rare gift and commotion tears the best of us apart. I also say we need to let go of it PARTIALLY because, oddly enough, the battle between good and bad is what keeps the world moving. Although evil has the upper hand so far...

What I'm trying to let you know is this: a difference in opinion doesn't mean the other is stupid or ignorant. Knowing and realising that people will always see things differently than you do is one of the best ways to achieve total peace of mind. Just like some people see a white/gold colour while others see blue/black, so will people also interpret a situation differently. The second thing to do when aiming for maturity is learning how to tolerate and accept others for who they are. Then again, are facts really facts?

Now with that being said... The dress, my dear reader, is blue and black . :-) 

- The Alpha Female



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