What They Won't Tell You About Posting Thirst Traps

Today's post isn't like any other I've written in the past. I'm writing this today because I actually do have a lot I want to share with you in the course of the following days leading to my birthday. For some odd reason I do believe that my birthday will be marking a new chapter in my life. Maybe just maybe I'll permanently change my look or maybe I'll change my behaviour in some situations... But once the clock ticks at midnight on the 21st of March, it's definitely a new me. Today I want to tackle the issue of posting thirst traps. Yeah because I'm guilty of the act itself. I stopped posting thirst traps in 2014,I believe. I basically did myself the favour of deleting all my pictures on Instagram just to start afresh. I don't know, some pictures weren't meant to be thirst traps but ended up still being thirst traps. While some actually were. I don't consider myself blessed to have cleavage because having big boobs comes with headache. And headache comes with flies. 

Yeah... I know it gives you a little sense of confidence when people comment on your pictures. "Oshe hottest! Give them" or "you're so pretty". I've had people ask me why I hardly ever post full pictures of myself. That's because I don't want the attention that comes with it. I've already gotten the attention and it makes me sick to be very honest. I've come to understand that men can be and are  very corny, unreliable and blind. Corny because they will tell you how beautiful you are or aren't just to have a feel of what they have been seeing in the pictures. He can say he doesn't want to tell you something you want to hear but he will still say what you want to hear. Unreliable because they can tell you how amazing you are or aren't and still leave you at the end of the day. Blind because they like to see all the good stuff in you but they don't understand or see that nothing good comes easy. They don't understand that you being a beautiful woman also comes with having flaws. I know everyone is low key searching for perfection. But men on social media do the most. They don't know you, haven't seen you... You exchange DM, texts they already believe they've found the one. And if they are the devil's companions, they'll do whatever it takes to have your body. And if they can't finish the job, they'll come back to you again to finish what they have started. Though I do not speak impulsively on things I see, I'm very observant. I've always had the habit of studying people by paying attention to little details. For this reason I choose not to play with fire. Posting thirst traps will only get you the attention that lasts for a second and doesn't come with respect. Heck I have never felt respected by any man (off social media) that I chose to give an ear to. 

I joined social media because I was lonely. I didn't really have anyone to talk to at the time because I had always been a loner. And being a loner wasn't by choice. In all honesty, I never saw myself as pretty till I joined social media platforms like Twitter. I didn't have any self esteem and I couldn't guard my emotions to top it all. Most of the life lessons I learnt happened through people I met off social media. To say that I don't hate meeting off social media would be a blatant lie. Out of all those I could converse with only a few, and I mean very few, turned out to be who they said they truly are. People are sick and twisted. And the sickest people you'll find online. 

It is my own mistake for getting on social media. It is my own mistake for meeting wrong people off social media. It is my mistake for posting thirst traps. I didn't know better at the time. 

 I get to hear that I'm beautiful both on and off social media now. Yes, my bbm, dm and what not pops with guys trying to get to know me or be friends. That's the attention I mean... It's not coming for the right reasons. Sometimes I don't even have the energy to even respond.

Don't get me wrong... Many met their spouses off social media. Those are the lucky ones. But then it's not for everyone. 

The bottom line is this... Posting thirst traps won't get you the respect and the relationship you might be looking for. No, my ex doesn't need to know what he's missing out on. That's none of his flipping business because he's an ex. Ex is past tense and also means exit. Yeah I know I can be very cruel when wronged but something are better done this way. 

You don't have to post thirst traps in order to feel beautiful or accepted in your society. The best type of respect you can ever get is self respect. The only thing you have as a woman is your body. Degrees, money, cars can go... But the only thing you're eventually left with is your body. And your body is the gate to your soul. 

- The Alpha Female 



  1. Oshey thirsty guys! But Sharon when did u stop posting thirst traps, because I didn't aware 😂😂

  2. I never knew big boobs comes with headache. Lol. Guys for thou hath thirsty.


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