Three Days In A Man's House

There something so luring about adventures and taking risks. I had never taken a risk before in my life up until about 3 days ago.  Being a good girl was  he only role I knew how to play well. I was home before mummy and daddy were and I was up before everybody was when the alarm went off at 5:30am. With my bible lying next to me, it was the very first thing I opened to read. I knew my relationship with God was strong. There was no prayer I didn’t pray where He wasn’t present in my room. The chilling cold and atmosphere of peace that accompanied the Holy Spirit when I was on my knees was all the sign I needed to know that I was doing well.  I never failed a test, never missed a class and never got no for an answer. Wherever my name was mentioned, it was mentioned for  honour and wherever I was, people would smile and praise God for me. I was doing well. But then again I was lonely. In being lonely, I discovered that I had no friends and no one to actually talk to. Because of loneliness, I started talking to myself. Whenever I was down, I would turn off the light and imagine myself being in a better place. Whenever I was happy, I would imagine myself being on top of the world with friends I could shamelessly go crazy with.  It was all in my head but reality spoke differently.  That is what I would do in the late night, till someone would knock on my door and say “ Simi? Are you okay? I heard noises” . My favourite response to that would be a forced faked cough. It was just the dust. It was always dust up until when I met Tobi. I met him online. We skyped very often and texted each other every day.

Tobi was so attentive. He always listened to all I had to say carefully and would then give me the wisest answer I could have possibly thought of. I told him all about myself. Tobi knew me in and out because I opened up to him. He was such a good friend up until the day I, for some odd reason, started falling for him. I think he knew I was falling in love with him. About 2 weeks ago, he told me to leave my comfort zone and explore all the good things life has to offer. I thought to myself: “I definitely should. I need to stop living like this”. I woke up that morning and bought myself a flight ticket to New York because I knew he lived there. I didn’t know what devil possessed me but I just knew I wanted to be there at all cost. I didn’t know anyone in New York, what else would you expect from a small town UK girl? I told my parents I had an impromptu excursion to go for. My dad, being a pastor, prayed for me. I actually needed the prayers because what happened later on? I wouldn’t have survived if not for God.

I had never been on a plane before. My belly was tight, I kept looking at the huge vehicles trying to figure out how they would take us to New York. I reassured myself that Tobi would be there to pick me up from the airport.  My parents didn’t know I was in Heathrow trying so hard to not pee in my leggings. It was a hot summer day, babies crying and rude immigration officers. I set my heart on the thought of Tobi.  A man that had brought me so much peace and laughter. We finally boarded the plane and I started regretting why I had taken this flight. The pilot kept telling us to sit down and fasten our seat belts. We felt the turbulence. I feared it would crash. Flight attendants reassuring passengers that we would get to our destination safely… I felt dizzy… I passed out.

I remember getting to the immigration office. I could see America. The officers handed me my passport. “Welcome to New York, m’am. Enjoy your stay”.  I took my carry-on and my heart started racing. What if Tobi didn’t show up? My orange t-shirt, my leggings… New York was hot and the airport was busy. I was shaking. Will he kiss me? Should I kiss him first?  What do I say? As soon I stepped out of  the gate, I heard my name. I looked up.  There he was with his friend. Tobi was a lot taller than I thought he would be. He took us to a restaurant. He was smiling and they were laughing. He kept saying “ I can’t believe this is you. Simi?! My Simi?! In flesh and blood.”  It was already late, his friend Bayo left and it was just me and him. Tobi then asked if I’d rather stay in a hotel or stay at his place. I told him whichever one he thought was best.  He then took me to his house and I was surprised out how beautiful his place actually was.

He had just one room, so he told me to take the bed  and that he would sleep on the floor. I looked at him like he was crazy but deep down I couldn’t get over the fact that he was such a gentleman. That first night he left me to sleep. I closed my eyes and replayed all the scenes from the airport to my current status in his house. The following morning, he woke me up with breakfast in bed. We talked. His smile was to die for. I was so convinced that I had found the one. We spent the day at the museum, Time Square and he took me to the movies afterwards. I hadn’t had that much fun before. It was just the little things. He held my hand through out the day, looked into my eyes. I kept falling for this man… The second night, we kissed. He was my first actually. We kissed…. But something was just wrong. I shrugged it off. I expected my first kiss to be more intense or rather, to have something special but I felt empty. It’s just cold feet, I said.  It was a sign to leave but I ignored.

The third day, we stayed indoors all through. Tobi knew I was a video game fanatic. Between watching Empire and video games, I didn’t know which to pick. So Tobi suggested we cook dinner together. I agreed. I thought to myself that I was lucky enough to have brought my sundress along. Looking at it now, it was a costly mistake. We went to get groceries, he asked what I knew how to cook. He playfully doubted my skills. We laughed. He would look at me, tell me how beautiful I was and how he had never imagined me to be this lovely. With every one of his words I melted. Should I let him take my virginity? The tension was already there between us and to be honest, I had never been that attracted to a man before. We got back to his place and he opened the door of his car for me, held my hand and took me inside. I went into the kitchen with him and we started cooking. The plan was that we would eat fried rice and chicken but the plans changed when I was cutting the chicken and I felt him grab me from behind.  I didn’t know my neck was my weak spot, but he knew it and kissed me. He carried me and placed me on the kitchen counter. Tobi pulled my dress up, took off my panties, ate me out… teased me…  I submitted myself to him… I submitted myself to a demon. It wasn’t until he came that I realized he took my virginity on the kitchen counter. I felt awful, but I smiled emptily. He carried me to his bed and went to the bathroom.

The only thing I remember after that  night was waking up with only one arm. I don’t know what Tobi gave me, but he cut off my left arm.  I was soaked in blood… He cut off my left arm.

My parents don’t know where I am as we speak. I don’t where to start from.... They don’t know their baby girl left them to spend 3 days in man’s house.

-       - The Alpha Female

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  1. Cut off my left arm? Sorry what?? Nigga take a kidney or something WTF would you be doing with an arm in New York?


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