My Experience Dating On Twitter : Ending Up In the Hospital

Someone wise once said that in dispute we often do not admit to being at fault because we judge ourselves based on our intentions and the opponent by his action.  I guess this might apply to the coming few posts I’ll be writing. Though I don’t really see what I did wrong to warrant such drama… I’ll be sharing this story with you. Brace yourself because it will be long.

Now that I think about it, my aim with these short true life stories is to kind of  help or rather enlighten some of you who are currently going through this online dating process.  To be very honest, I never for one day  looked for a relationship on Twitter. It just happened because I failed to stay within my boundaries.  Shout out to the couples who started from a DM and now are getting married. It’s inspiring and cute but it doesn’t always end up that way. Just as you can find genuine people online, you very much probably will find bad people too and this is what “boyfriend number 2” taught me.  Not only did whatever we had end but a lot of my “friendships” ended too. Looking at it now, the experience made me wiser so I can genuinely thank God I experienced it.  In the moment it wasn’t funny, I was actually quite hurt.  Now? I barely even think about it and I can actually laugh about it. Let’s call boyfriend number 2 “Bode ”… Ladies and gentlemen shall we?

So after Olu introduced me to BBM, I and Cindy starting doing all that “ you ping me, I ping you” paroles. We became close so much that at a point, I called her one of my best friends. Koko didn’t like the idea of me talking with her ( don’t forget that Koko is my real life childhood best friend).  Cindy told me a lot of things about herself so I guess that’s what made me feel comfortable enough to be open with her. If I’m not mistaking, Cindy was a year older than me so she liked playing my big sister. Sometimes when her messages came through and she’d be giving me lectures, I’d just put my phone under my pillow in anger. But I actually cared about her, so I kept doing what I know how to do best: sweep everything under the carpet.  In that same period I became friends with 2 other girls/women (whichever one is best applied) :Helen and Martha.  Bode and I started off as friends. I guess what happened was that we had this one conversation were he mentioned something that made me realise he had been paying attention to me. I developed a crush on him  and that’s how I signed a contract with pain.  Where do I start from?

A week after my birthday, I was lying in bed. I randomly texted Helen, Martha and Cindy.

“ I’m going to tell him I like him. I can’t do this anymore.”

All 3 gave me the go ahead but what followed I will never forget.  I texted him that same night and switched off my phone immediately because I was scared. I literally buried my head in my pillow. GOD !? WHO SENT ME?!  About 20 minutes later, I summoned the courage to switch my phone back on. My phone was going off. PING! PING! PING!

Sharon? Are you serious! OH MY GOD! I like you too. I can’t believe you chose me. Omg! This is so cute!

My face when I read those texts.

That’s how we started “dating”.  Along the line I started noticing some strange things. Bode never called me on the phone for one second. Anytime I asked him to get on Skype, it’s either he was busy or at work.  Being with him, I didn’t really have that much courage to talk but it was really affecting me because I didn’t know what was happening. In 5 months of relationship, Bode only said “I love you” once. Sometimes I’d text him and he wouldn’t reply. I’d then go on twitter and see he had being dancing about the place as a twitter bad guy. He would use Martha as his BBM display picture but he never used mine. I told myself they are  probably just good friends. In that frame of time I met Mickey. When I told Mickey that Bode and I  were in a situationship, she didn’t believe it. Her first reaction was : what are you doing with someone like him? Mickey inspired me to start writing and she was pretty much always there when I was down and confused. Let me not forget to say that I always ran to Cindy, Martha and Helen for advice concerning my relationship.  I just realized that I actually wasted 5 months of my life  on a huge amount of people who I won’t mention.

On august 11th , I had gotten back from a modeling audition and I was happy that I got in. (Thank God I gave up on modeling anyway.) I came back home and started blogging. Bode was happy for me and I was happy that he was happy. August 12th at about 2:30am, I literally shut my  laptop and I saw weird text from Cindy. 

“ Are you and bode still dating??”

Me: yes… why?

“Don’t get angry.”

Me: what’s wrong?

“He just asked me to send him my nudes”

Lol! In my mind I was like this chick must be joking. So I asked her to send me the screenshots. It took Cindy 45 minutes to screenshot the conversation to me. I read the BBM texts like 5 times  and realized some parts in the conversation were missing but from what I read, she had been flirting with him. I’m a big girl, why should I get mad? She immediately called me on Skype. I kept quiet. She asked me if I was okay. I looked at her and asked her why she was flirting with my “boyfriend”. Hehe! She said it was a joke. I don’t know what came over me but I went ballistic. Clearly she had been joking so much with him that he felt comfortable enough to ask for nudes. I then called Martha and told her what was going on. Martha told me that how can ? I should send the screenshots to him. I texted Bode and asked him why he couldn’t just be real. He acted confused. Then I forwarded the screenshots to him. Lol he literally said I was stupid.  So I blocked him and started ranting on twitter. I was so angry. I just wanted to do damage.   I drafted posts. Ranted. Cried bitterly. Drafted again. Cursed so much that my migraine came back.  Whenever I have migraine attacks I can’t stand light, I feel weak, my ears ring and it feels like someone is using a knife to pierce my skull. On the third day, I ended up in the hospital because of my severe migraine. And guess who finally called me to blame me for what happened while I was on the hospital bed? Bode. 

He gave me a cock and bull story about how he was trying test Cindy for one of his friends and blah blah.  I started feeling bad for reacting the way I did not knowing he was trying to play mind games with me. My elder brother  had to knock my head so I could see that Bode was just spilling bullshit.

Shocker A. Months went by, everything went wrong.  I was bitter and angry. Along the line I found out Bode was playing me all along. His friend knew and while I spoke to his friend, he told me all about it.

Shocker B.  Koko called me and told me I needed to take a sit for what she wanted to say. She then confirmed to me that Bode and Martha were actually dating and they both knew Bode was messing with me. I screamed. I then texted Helen to tell her what was happening. Little did I know Helen knew all this while but never said anything to me. So I was the side chick, init ?

Shocker C. Me and a woman get talking and then we realize both of us  are actually ranting and hurting over the same guy. The only difference here is that the woman was actually the main chick.

Shocker D.  Turns out Bode was actively sleeping with one of my followers.

And in all this, I cried and wailed and cried and cried and cried and cried. I Slept with a headache and woke up with one. I would play Titanic soundtrack and just cry in the shower. I was tired. WHAT?!

Anyways where is Bode today? I don’t know. The only thing I feel bad for is putting my mom through the stress of consoling me. She even bought me Iphone 5 to wipe my tears but nah, I continued to cry for about 15months. I learnt  so much and talking about this actually makes me smile because I didn’t die. It really hurt. That’s all I can tell you guys.  I don’t know why and how I could fall so deep. And oh I haven’t met Bode till date and I don’t wish to meet him or Martha or Helen.

You see me… Everyday I tell you guys that I don’t like stress that’s because I don’t. I’ve learnt so many lessons and I’ll share them with you at the end of  this long tale.

I have purposely kept information about the people involved on the low. Just so you know, you’re not a bad person. You just did bad things and that’s okay because we all do. I thank God for using you guys as a medium to bless me. I do apologize for cursing at you in the past. Maybe one day we will sit down and have a drink or two.

Oh well… I’ll talk to you guys about boyfriend number 3 tomorrow. 

Love always,

- The Alpha Female


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