AFMBLOGS was created as naijaprincess1's blog where she occasionally ranted and wrote articles. In the year 2012, Naija Princess decided to rebrand her entire image, she then became "The Alpha Female" known for her mind blowing short stories and critical thinking. She changed the blog into a 
functioning entertainment website named www.alphafemaleworld.com. The year 2014 became a year of bigger moves for her, Sharon Jane  ( now known as the Alpha Female) broadened her horizons and renamed her website AFMBLOGS. AFM stands for " an Alpha Female's Mind" and is an all round entertainment website. Being one of Africa's fast rising entertainment websites, AFMBLOGS has set the bar a little higher by supporting African Art of all sorts around the globe. 

The logo of our website illustrates our vision for Africa. The headphones symbolise constructive criticism, music and art. The African map stands for the origin of our content. The globe elucidates the mind and platform for and on which we are blogging. The tiny calabash is our symbol of integrity, culture and moral standards. While the stars symbolise a wide horizon for our content and freedom. 

Specific to www.afmblogs.com is The Alpha Female's mind blowing fictional stories which are themed "Tales by Moonlight". These stories are characterised by their touch of depth, brilliance and suspense only known to the e - pen of The Alpha Female. 

Art is nothing without music. AFMBLOGS has decided to place itself as a force on the African music market by picking the best and constructively criticising songs in the industry. With songs being made for the sake of entertainment, the website main goal is to bring entertainment to your table in a way that will enrich your mind. Songs are made available for fast and easy download to each and every device. AFMBLOGS will also be collaborating with DJ's, talented upcoming artists and  other websites to ensure that you get the best on the African music menu. 

Social issues, lifestyle, romance and much more will be brought to you by the Alpha Female and contributing bloggers on the website. All forms of topics will be discussed based on opinions and given facts. Peculiar to AFMBLOGS' relaunch is the "Business Insider" section which is meant to help start up businesses and people of every age with tips and tricks on how to handle finances, run a company and much more. "The Word" is a bi-daily dose of the bible with spirit-filled commentary and highlights set to get people talking and asking questions. 

Last but certainly not least, we have AFMTV which is the website's official video blog where you get to see Sharon Jane talk about various topics and make tutorials. AFMTV will soon be honoured to have guest features and this all to broaden our horizons and reach out to our audience. 

In the words of the Alpha Female herself: 

"With that being said"

visit www.afmblogs.com for your Quality African Music And Much More 


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